#1 DIY Microdermabraison Machine- PMD Personal Microderm Classic

Has there been a time you looked at your reflection in the mirror and felt repulsive by your reflection looking back? So many people are dauted by hyperpigmentation, sun damage and sagging skin and the lucky ones aren’t, but thanks to the invention of microdermabrosion, everybody can feel lucky.

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PMD is a worldwide verified brand that manufactures different models that are portable and durable. The PMD Personal microdermabrasion promises a smoother, younger skin after treatment. Note that the cost of getting this tool varies by PMD editions. Like the PMD Personal that cost $159 and the PMD PRO that cost $199, although the PRO edition comes with extra features like like 2 speed regulator.

How Does PMD Personal Microdermabrasion Work?

We as humans, build layers of skin on our body and faces as we get older. Its a biological fact that can not be prevented. This is due from climate changes, chemicals, and age which are most visible on the outer layers. The work of Microdermabrasion is to remove the top/outer layer so that the younger,  smoother skin layer can be revealed. This device makes use of a spin disk which is made up of aluminium oxide crystals. What this does is that it exfoliates and remove older skin cells. Contrary to how “spin” process sounds, its a painless process because that layer which it is removing is already dead! While the disc is spinning,there is a vacuum suction on the device that sucks up all those nasty dirts and warn out cells. After this process, blood can now flow easier to the skin surface (since the hindrance has been eliminated) which results to a healthier glow. There are other many benefits when dead skin cells are removed like blood circulation will be evenly distributed in appropriate amounts, healing process occur quicker and tighter firmer skin without wrinkles. PMD instructs users to make this process a weekly routine along with other skincare regimen from toner, cleanser and moisturizer.

What is in the PMD Personal Microdermabrasion Package?

When a buyer purchase the PMD device, they are expected to find these items:

  • 1 PMD Device
  • 1 cord for charging
  • 1 small raining disc in white
  • 1 o- ring
  • 2 disc (green) 1 small and 1 large
  • 2 caps (one for each sizes of disk)
  • 4 discs in black (2 small and 2 large)
  • Manual booklet that also comes in training DVD
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What is the First impression user have about PMD Personal Microdermabrasion ?

Buyers are often pleased about the pre-setup feature (I.e a device ready to use right out of the package). Although it is still necessary to reading the user manual and DVD in order to make adjustment when ever it is needed. This device works for any skin type. One user mentioned in a comment after purchasing and testing the PMD device that she has sensitive dried and light skin which made all her spots very visible. And her skin tone is uneven with annoying patches at odd forms. Then she tried this device along with her usual skincare products and found it to be outstanding. After a few weeks, she found very noticeable results, her spots were fading.

It is recommended by the manufacture to ensure to read all instructions before use. Instructions are helpful for directions in order to achieve a certain goal; so don’t skip the manuals and DVD training. If not, it may prove difficult to handle suction while moving the device across the face. The manual instructs specifically to use one hand pull skin taut as user have the other hand managing the device. It is a completely painless process. Testers have reported to feel as though a small layer of their skin was sanded off.

What is the noticeable effect after firs time session with PMD Microdermabrasion?

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A user feels tier skin more sensitive, tighter and dryer after first use of PMD. The face is reportedly brighter and livelier than before. The skin tone also undergo noticeable shine and regular use inevitable makes spread an even tone across the entire applicable areas, whether face or body, and both. Its highly recommended to use toner, cleanser or moisturizers after using this abrasion device so that your skin restores hydration and pH. Since the pores are tighter, and the new skin cells are able to absorb any product, so this device is an added bonus while having your regular skin routine.

The PMD Microdermabrasion is evidently a great option for improving a healthier, smother and younger skin. However, this process may not be for everybody. The manufacturers urges people to first speak to their dermatologist right before point of purchase. This advise is targeted to those who suffer from critical skin issue. And ensure to wear sun screen when stepping out immediately after use in order not to burn out the new skin layer with sever heat.

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Also both the PMD personal and PMD PRO Microdermabraison serve the same purpose, therefore, buyers are advised to only purchase the PRO if they are professionals themselves who will need to carryout this skincare process on other people/ clients. In the case of using PMD Personal device, user will experience a sufficient amount of power from the suction and disc component. So personal users don’t need to feel worried about not getting PRO because theirs will give the same fresher result as the PRO.By comparing PMD Personnal MIcrodermabrasion devic with other competitive brands on the market, it is evident that PMD is by far buyer’s favourite in terms of price and value offers. It is user-friendly which supports new users who don’t have any abrasion experience to be able to jump right in! It’s training disc is provided to first test and master the method of application which prevents any mistakes tat comes from scratching your skin too hard. Nevertheless, bare in mind to always stay hydrated with enough vitamin C in other to achieve the best result from PMD Microdermabrasion.

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