Baby Walker Reviews

Even if your child isn’t able to walk around solo yet, walkers give him or her freedom to explore your house and take subsequent “step” toward being a grown-up. Baby walkers also keep your child busy and engaged with interactive (or static) toy panels, music boxes, or mini-light shows.

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There are many factors wont to determine the simplest baby walker. Here are a couple of of the foremost important ones.

Quality materials

The fabric used for seat cushions, seat backs and other parts of the walker must be sturdy and washable, preferably by machine. Steel frames and durable plastic last longer than cheaper materials, and that we search for these materials.

Wheels and movement

A seated walker should have wheels that move freely and permit babies to maneuver over floors, carpets and anywhere within the house without getting “stuck” received higher ratings.


Top walkers contain interesting or unique toys that teach children skills and help them develop their senses. The amount of toys a walker has isn’t as important as what proportion engagement and therefore the educational value they provide .

Ease of storage and adjustability

A baby walker should fold up and store easily and unfold for later use even as fast. Seat heights, cushions, and wheels should also suits suit your baby’s needs.


All baby walkers should have non-skid grips, safety bumpers or other built-in measures to stop accidents.

Name Rating
Joovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal,One SizeView on Amazon →4.6
Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking ToyView on Amazon →4.4
Baby Einstein Sky Explorers Walker with Wheels & Activity Center, Ages 6 Months +View on Amazon →4.5
Safety 1st Dino Sounds 'n Lights Discovery Baby Walker with Activity TrayView on Amazon →4.2
Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker, Juneberry DelightView on Amazon →4.5

Joovy Spoon Baby baby walker joovy spoon

View on Amazon   →

Usually about $80, available during a bunch of colours . This top-rated baby walker takes on the classic sort of a standard sit-in baby walker, but with some excellent features and elegance . Once we took it out of the packaging, we were surprised at two things: first, how lightweight it had been (only about 12 pounds), and second, how it folded up into a reasonably thin format that would slide right under the bed for storage. So we were off to an honest start! Popping it open was easy, and therefore the walker takes on a reasonably sleek and classy shape and size. We liked the straightforward colors and contemporary lines, without compromising on features. The tray was large and wrapped round the side of the baby, which should increase safety by making it harder for your baby to succeed in to things to their right or left. What’s also cool about the tray is that it includes a removable insert (like a number of the simplest high chairs) which will be popped off and cleaned easily, and thrown right into the dishwasher (if you’ll fit it in!). The baby seating surface is soft and plush, and straightforward to wipe clean or remove for machine washing; the material is top quality , and that we didn’t notice any color bleeding or shrinkage. Once your baby is sitting within the walker, it’s three height adjustments to assist confirm your baby’s little feet can actually reach the ground (or the play mat), and may support babies up to 30 pounds. The rolling/gliding action was smooth and our test babies didn’t seem to possess any difficulty getting this to maneuver on hardwood, tile, or linoleum floors. Carpets were a challenge in fact , though thin-pile rugs or berber carpets were generally fine. With two parents standing on the second step and baby within the walker, we put it to the last word test: we let baby attempt to roll right to the oldsters , sending the front wheels of the walker right off the sting of the steps . Well, the no-slip stair pads on rock bottom did their job, and did it well: they stopped it right in its tracks, only letting the front wheels set about 2″ off the sting and keeping the overwhelming majority of the walker safe and sound. We didn’t got to intervene in the least , which was reassuring. So overall, we were really impressed with features and safety of this walker, all without sensory overload with plenty of crazy toys attached. You’ve got enough baby gear to stay track of already, no got to worry about the random toys that have popped off the baby walker. Of course, even with the security features you would like to be very careful when using any walker on any surface. Cons? Well, the wheels don’t lock which is inconvenient, and therefore the tallest height setting leaves something to be desired (if your baby is extremely tall, they’re going to grow out of it before is ideal).

Hape Wooden Wonder baby walker hape wonder walker

View on Amazon   →

Usually about $75. This Hape walker is one among the foremost adorable and top quality activity walkers we tested. We love the standard craftsmanship, vivid and non-toxic paint colors, and therefore the simple and clever toys that keep a baby interested but not overwhelmed. one among the good things about this walker is that it’s basically impossible to tip over, whether it’s tipping forward, backward, or to the side. it’s extremely stable, and that is quite we will say for several of the walkers we tested! When our test babies tried it out, all of them appeared to love having the ability to place random things within the front and push them around. This included toys, stuffies, and in one case the family cat! this is often one among the good things about this walker which will keep toddlers enjoying it for a short time , and it is a far better experience than simply pushing buttons on electronic toys. Once we tested it, we found that it assembled very easily out of the box, and everything worked pretty much . the sole drawback that we keep finding with wooden baby walkers is that they’re really hard to show . While the VTech will turn by basically sliding sideways or a toddler can crop up the front wheels to show it, that can’t happen with these. The wheels on this walker are grippy and it’s heavy enough that it cannot be turned easily in the least . So a few of our testing babies ended up getting into a line until they hit something, then mom or dad had to show it during a different direction. In order that was a touch of a pain. The second issue with wooden walkers is wheel speed: it’s really difficult to urge the wheels to show at an honest speed. On this one, you’ll not simply tighten the screws more to form them spin more slowly (like you can with the Cossy model, below). So we found that it had been a touch too fast on hard surfaces, but really great on carpeting. Outside of these wheel-related issues, we thought it had been durable, super sturdy, well-built, and is probably going to be a go-to toy for several years.

Baby Einstein Neptune Walker

View on Amazon   →

Baby Einstein Neptune Walker started with a humble beginning quite 15 years back. This baby Einstein ocean explorer Walker brand began with the thought of a mother to share her love for arts and humanities together with her baby. This brand from the straightforward beginning has grown into one which develops the foremost creative baby products just like the best baby walker for carpets, which can help your child to possess fun and learn at an equivalent time. What sets Baby Einstein Walker’s products apart is that it combines all the unique elements of music, art, language, nature and shapes & numbers. Allow us to understand the explanations why? Baby Einstein Neptune Walker may be a complete package in one toy station. It’ll entertain and keep your child engaged with its music, languages and sparkling lights. The tray ahead is removable. This has been done to make sure that the kid can play on the ground or when it’s moving. It’s been seen that the majority babies between the age of 6 and 12 months have a robust urge to maneuver about. With this product, your baby would be ready to move about freely. The music and lights would only increase his or her ecstasy.

Safety 1st Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Walker.

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A magnificent interactive and learning center that keeps your kidSafety first Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker engrossed in playing all the time is that the Safety first Sounds n Lights Discovery Walker. it’s a dinosaur themed walker that keeps your toddler entertained for hours. Five toy spin, rattle and lights while playing sounds and songs merrily within the background, your baby enjoys learning to steer . Safety first sounds and lights baby walker features two swing activity trays to permit your kids to enjoy their snacks.

To keep your baby betrothed while he learns to require the primary steps this walker features dinosaur themed toys on the front panel. Safety 1st walker features a padded seat to stay your kid safe and cozy while walking. There are the grip strips beneath the seat to regulate the movement on bumpy surfaces. Well, this walker acts as a mobile entertainment system for your baby and is one among the simplest walkers for carpets.

To entertain and have interaction a child for an honest amount of your time this walker contains colorful images of dinosaur and other toys. It’s five playful toys with music to entertain to your little tot. The colorful images help to develop a child’s visual senses and your kid likes to play. The walker is formed of two activity trays that swing hospitable reveal the large tray within the middle. Each tray contains components that illuminate and play sounds when moved. The middle tray may be a good place for snacks. It provides the utmost utility without increasing the dimensions of the walker. you’ll adjust the peak of Safety 1st walker at three levels. Well, not all the babies are same. Everyone features a different height so, having 3 positions height adjustment allows the babies to use the walker for as long as possible. You’ll say that it’s a penny saver walker for the oldsters .

Bright Starts Walk-a-bout Baby Walker.

View on Amazon   →

The Bright Starts walker’s most eye-catching feature is without a doubt its very attractive and adorable little design. Therefore, Your baby will absolutely love the brilliant colors, the fashionable yet stable design and therefore the interactive and cute toys that accompany it. Also, it’s the wonderful feature of an amazingly-styled, impressive and charming design while still retaining a stress on support, stability, and safety. Your child will without a doubt adores the innovative and pleasant design and therefore the interactive toys that accompany the walker. It’s built with an extreme convenience to the parent while offering the baby an unbelievably progressive experience in their growth. It’s built with progression, growth and enjoyable features in mind, ensuring the walker will become your baby’s ally in their growth. The walker features many things which will be useful for you and your baby . They include an interactive and brain-powering entertainment game system which will train your young child’s brain to develop and stimulate them with very dainty and sensory toys. The toy system has the power to positively stimulate your baby’s brain for hours and days on end, providing an exciting and really fun experience for his or her growing minds. It also sports an adorable little wheel which will entice your baby to explore and hone his adventuring skills with the easy-turning and straightforward design of the wheel. As most of the walker features, it also has interactive sounds that stimulate the young child’s mind into delving further into the wondrous world of walking. STRONG specialize in SAFETY On top of its adoring little design, its interactive and growth-promoting toys and its very affordable price; the walker also had an utmost emphasis on safety and security. It fully understands the barriers of your baby and is made on a foundation that not only brings forth an active experience, but a completely safe and secure one else.

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