Best Electric Razors

The benefits of the best electric razor are many. It’s one of the essential tools of your daily life. Maybe you are used to a manual razor for cutting your beard for a long time, and now you want to change it. The main reason is, it kills time and not as comfortable as you expect. 

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We already know that you are here for the best electric razor. Want to meet? Here it is! Indeed, the best has no ends. So, you are a little bit confused after searching here and there, and cannot make the right decision which electric razor you should purchase as the perfect one! 

For this reason, you are here to pick the best electric razor that will save time and gives you shaving comfort. After all, you are seeking such an electric shaver, which will feature excellent design, different convenient shaving modes, quality battery life, and so on.

Nothing to worry! Whatever the purpose is, you just don’t want to negotiate with a low-quality electric razor for the money. So, we recommend you to be very careful about the requirements, design, durability, and quality.

Here we’re going to share a review of the best electric razor for you, so you can choose your desired electric razor by saving your time and valuable energy! So, let’s start the tour.

5 Best Electric Razor

There are thousands of electric razors available in the running market. So it’s confusing for you to choose one that will meet your requirements! However, are you feeling stressed? Don’t have enough time and energy to search more?

Don’t worry! Considering your emotion, we’re here to introduce you to the best 5 razors of today’s market. After spending 64 hours on research, we’ve been able to choose some top-rated as well as high-quality electric razors for you. It’s time to get yours! So, keep reading.

1. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor

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If you are looking for a best-quality razor for you, then we recommend Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor as the best as well as a reliable one for you! It is the most popular electric razor among the thousands of pieces of the market. Its shape and looks are excellent!

Our first pick is from Panasonic, well known and popular company for manufacturing quality electric razor all across the globe. The company doesn’t compromise with quality, so they have been running their business with name and fame for years!

When we were in the market, we have seen a large number of eye-catching customer reviews on it. We also saw the running users of the electric razor are satisfied and proud after using it.

You’ll be glad to know that Panasonic Arc5 offers five ultra-sharp precision-honed 30° Nanotech blades, and ultra-thin Arc foil follow facial contours that ensure you a quick and comfortable shave!

After watching its 2 in 1 feature, you will be a fan of this electric razor for sure! The Panasonic Arc5 will meet dry and wet shaving and trimming needs perfectly. So, the electric saver is convenient for in or out of the shower.

The Panasonic Arc5 has a Multi-Flex pivoting electric shaver head that will help you to get a clear and smooth shaving for face, neck, chin, and jaw. The electric shaver comes with a shaving sensor that monitors variances in beard density and also adjusts cutting power for absolute comfort.

This electric shaver has a high-performance motor that delivers 14,000 cuts per minute (70,000 crosscutting actions per minute) and controls zenith power up to the end of every battery charge!

It has an LCD battery indicator that shows battery status at a glance. Doesn’t the electric razor meet your needs? If not, don’t worry. See the next one, surely you’ll get your favorite one! 


Nice looking

Easy to operate

Innovative design

Comfortable to use

Five ultra-sharp precision blades

2. Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Razor for Men

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Are you looking for the best electric razor for men? Have you witnessed many, but still, couldn’t meet exactly what you want? If yes, then you can consider Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Razor for Men as the top-class electric razor of the market!

We have chosen our second pick from Braun, a trustworthy brand that has been in the razor industry for so long. When we were in the market for choosing the best electric razor for you, we’ve seen lots of astonishing customer reviews on it.

The electric razor has incredible benefits and amazing features. Want to experience them? Cool. Let’s face them right now!

Braun Series 7 is unique in design! It comes with Sonic technology that automatically increases the power of the razor when you are shaving in the complex or dense areas. So, no worry if you have a more dense beard because this electric razor can manage it tactfully.

Also, the electric shaver has an ActiveLift trimmer feature that captures flat-lying hairs in hardness areas! Otherwise, its OptiFoil can cut hair as short as 0.05mm for perfect nearness. At the same time, it has Synergized foil and blades that give you comfort shaving.

Braun Series 7 is a 100% waterproof electric razor for easy and quick shaving. Are you happy with these features that you expected with your favorite one? You will be delighted to know that Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Razor comes with brilliant features that will make you feel proud and satisfied while using it.

So, if you are looking for the most reliable electric razor, then grab it fast before it’s sold out!


Elegant look

3 shaving modes

Comfortable to use

High-quality long lasting shaver

Has an outstanding cleaning and charging dock

3. Braun Series 9 9290cc Electric Razor for Men

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It’s our second pick from Braun! When we were in the market for choosing the best electric shaver for you, then we have seen this brand is in the top position and most popular in people’s choice!

It inspired us to move to it and picked as the best electric razor for you. As we have shared the brand story in our second pick, so we don’t want to waste your time telling them again. That’s because we want to discuss on this electric shaver now.

You’ll be glad to know that the Braun series 9 is one of the most reliable and efficient electric razors of all the series. The electric shaver is gentle on your skin and assures smooth cutting while shaving.

So, it’s much more comfortable and easier to use than any of the other models of the series. Series 7 has 5 synchronized shaving elements that help the razor to capture more hair in the first stroke than any other premium shaver.

The model has 2 specialized trimmers including, titanium coating that captures the trickiest hair and ensures a cleaner and better shaving experience. The electric razor comes with innovative SyncroSonic technology with 10,000 micro-vibrations that can capture more hair in every stroke.

Are you worrying about your dense beards? Nothing to worry! Braun Series 9 has an intelligent AutoSensing motor that guarantees the highest performance in every stroke.

The electric razor is waterproof for up to 5 meters. Don’t you think it is the best electric razor for you? Braun Series 9 electric shaver is the #1 shaver of the market that provides outstanding closeness and original skin comfort!

We hope you’ve gotten your favorite one already, right? If not, no worries! We have still the other best electric shaver for you. Take a look at them and choose yours!



Unique design

100% Waterproof

Innovative technology

10-D contour adaptation

Best electric razor of Braun Series

4. Philips Norelco Shaver 6800, Rechargeable Wet/Dry Electric Shaver

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So, you are looking for a unique electric shaver for you. That’s because you’re here and still enjoying our review spending your valuable time! Great. Evaluating your searching anxiety, we’ve found Philips Norelco Shaver 6800, Rechargeable, and Wet/Dry Electric Shaver as the top-rated electric shaver for you!

It’s from Philips Norelco, a famous company for producing high-quality electric shavers all over the world. So, they have been driving their business with name and fame over the years. During our research session, we have seen lots of customer reviews on it. All the reviews are positive and full of satisfied words.

You will be happy to know the Philips Norelco Shaver has incredible benefits and must-have features. No doubt, it will be best for your personal and professional use. The electric shaver specially designed considering different skin, so it provides a comfortable and smooth shaving experience for all types of skin. 

The Philips Norelco Shaver has ComfortGlide rings that reduce skin friction, and the SkinProtect Blades cut hair in several passes gently. Therefore, when you have a short time but you need to take a clean shave, no problem at all if you have this electric razor!

It has MultiFlex heads that let you clean the hard-to-reach areas like jawline or neck!  So why not Philips Norelco Shaver is the best choice for you? Don’t worry if you need a wet shave or comfortable dry shave or even shaving in the shower!

The electric razor has a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that delivers the energy of a corded razor, so no trouble for a cord. It offers a 3-level LED battery indicator and 50 minutes of shaving time! Isn’t it enough for you?

Maybe, it’s the perfect electric shaver for you, but you want to experience the last one of our review for your mental satisfaction! Okay, let’s go and see.


Well made

Easy to use

Innovative design

Reliable and durable

Top-class electric razor

5. Braun Series 7 7865cc Electric Razor for Men

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It’s our third pick from Braun and last one of our reviews! We’ve chosen three electric razors of our review from Braun, so you can easily understand how much popular, and reliable the brand is. Now it’s easy to say that Braun series is the first choice of the electric razor seekers!

If you are looking for a stylish and quality electric razor for you, then it is a magnificent gift for you.  The Braun Series 7 is uniquely designed and engineered in Germany for a gentle and close shaving experience. The electric shaver is full of brilliant features. So, it will give you more than you expect!

The model has four synchronized shaving elements that enhance the power of the razor for getting a smooth and comfortable shaving. At the same time, it has five personalized shaving modes that allow you to get your favorite shaving style! So, it’s time to think about what style you love best!

The razor has a skin-friendly precision trimmer that helps you to reach hard-reach-areas like nose or sideburns to cut hair. What about its battery performance? Don’t worry. It has a state-of-the-art Li-Ion battery that is well known for its best performance!

It’s easy to charge the battery and can recharge fully in one hour. It has a premium display that shows the remaining battery life with 3 various steps! Isn’t it more than your expectation? Most probably, the answer is Yes! 


Nice looking

5 sensitive moods

Brilliant technology

Better and cheaper

Great electric razor

Final Verdict

In the end, we hope you have loved all the electric razors that we’ve picked for you from the market. Honestly, we put our best effort to recommend the outstanding quality electric razor from reliable as well as famous brands through our review.

We believe you’ve already gotten your desired electric razor among the 5 best razors. We can assure you we didn’t include any wrong information on our review. So, you can have 100% trust in the electric razors for personal or professional use!

Still, do you have any confusion? Maybe not. Confusion is not meaningful when you have the right product at your hand! So, undoubtedly, you can surely pick any of the electric razors of your choice. Have a great time with the best electric razor! J

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