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Electric shavers have been around since 1930, and since Joseph Schick patented his design for the first time has changed drastically in style and quality. Today, along with automatic foil shavers, there are electric rotary shavers. Foil razors have flat heads surrounding their blades with smooth, perforated metal. The foil holes catch hair and guide it to the blades that work like tiny scissor pairs. On the other hand, rotary razors have three spinning blades covered with perforated metal disks that rotate in a circular motion to cut hair like small Weed eaters.

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Modern electrical razors at home can provide a clean shave. Although they cannot equal the closeness of the shave you would get from a professional barber, they are much more compact and discreet than the straight razor.

The electric razor uses rotating blades and blades that oscillate back and forth to slice deeply into the skin, the thick hairs on the face. To protect your skin from the rotating blades, guards cover the blades. Some guards also have slots or gaps to grab the hair and raise it upwards so that the blades can more easily cut them.

It is important to note that a consumer preference can influence an electric shaver analysis based on anecdotal observations and at least certain parts.

To me, a specific shaver may be the best option, but when used by someone else, it can also perform poorly.

As men differ from one another, the same is the case with electric shavers.

Accounting for these variations and use cases is essential when selecting an electric shaver as it increases the chances of getting a useful shaving device exponentially.

So how is this going to be done? What are the most important factors to consider when compiling a list of men’s best electric shavers to fit a multitude of different consumers and situations? The answer is that the most important factors that you need to consider when buying an electric shaver are as follow:

  • Your skin type.
  • Your hair thickness.
  • Your budget.

Below are some of the best electric shavers that you can try out.

1. Braun Series 9 Men’s Electric Foil Shaver with Wet & Dry Integrated Precision Trimmer & Rechargeable and Cordless Razor with Clean Charge Station, 9291cc:

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Like other companies that release new products, Braun uses more than enough techno-speak and superlatives to please any marketing department: “Intelligent SyncroSonic Engineering,” “HyperLift Technology,” “40,000 cross-cutting movements a minute,” “the greatest performance and skin satisfaction shaver in the world.” The distinction is that Braun has such a rich and fast-standing history of producing top-notch quality electric shavers.

The Series 9 is one of the market’s bestsellers because it has just about every important function you need to get you a clean shave. It features five shaving components on a super-adaptive head that can turn in 10 ways, and two advanced trimmers to meet every need, from thorough beard work to keeping the skin clean. This razor is waterproof up to 5 meters and uses micro-vibrations and an adjustable motor to change itself, depending on how rough the beard is. This series 9 model gives you the best shaving experience. The battery is charged for about 50 minutes.

Braun says that this is the only five-action alcohol-based cleaning system in the world; it hygienically and entirely cleans the shaved head (leaving no hair or bacteria behind), sterilizes the head and then dries it with a built-in fan, lubricates the inner workings and charges the shaver so that it is primed for its next usage.

All you have to do is put the razor in the right slot and press a button; automatically pick and trigger the right cleaning system (determined when the razor was last cleaned). After each complete washing, the shaver performs like it’s fresh out of the bag.

2. Philips Norelco One Blade, Hybrid Electric Trimmer, and Shaver, QP2520/70:

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The hybrid electric trimmer and shaver Philips Norelco OneBlade, QP2520/70, has a sleek design. The Philips OneBlade is appropriate for men with beards, mustaches, sideburns, stubble, or other types of facial hair. The trimmer looks very different from any of the other Philips devices. The trimmer of Philips OneBlade has a long, slender profile and a black frame with bright green borders of lime. There is only one blade. The blade has small grips, much like a man’s electric shaver’s foil-style. The middle part of the shaver has a circular on/off button.

Such blades are also much thinner than most clippers, so you can shave very near to the surface without getting scratching from the blade tips. That ensures you have a strong difference between places you want to look clean and the areas you want to have a few scruffs.

The downside of this blade design is that the blades can’t be sharpened. You need to buy a replacement blade system until they stop cutting efficiently. With most styles of hair, they cut well for four months.

If you want to do edging, the dual-sided blade can allow better trimming precision. You’re going to be able to match the look way better than using a full-size men’s shaver for that reason. The Philips OneBlade is a unique blade in the new shaving technology developed by Philips. This features a rapidly moving cutter running two hundred times a second. There is an integrated dual safety system that protects the body, but defends you from tugs and pulls if you shave longer hairs.

The OneBlade is completely waterproof, like most new electric shavers. That makes washing quick, and your body hair in the shower can be rasped, shaved, or groomed. The Lithium-Ion battery still lasts a long time in this upgraded model.

3. Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor:

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The travel shaver Philips Norelco includes two separately rotating rotary heads that do a excellent job of covering the facial contours. Once, the shave won’t be as smooth and quick as it is with the three-head Norelco razor you might have at home, so you might have to do multiple passes, but for travel purposes, it’s convenient and more than perfect, mainly as the steel blades are self-sharpening.

The company Norelco is well known for its self-sharpening blades, and the same design is used to create this travel shaver. Expect your shaver to work as well as a year in the future when you first buy it. Such self-sharpening blades also make sure that even when on the move, you have the smoothest possible dry shave.

The Norelco is odd-shaped (as is the case with all rotary models) but smaller and lighter than the Braun, easier to use. The ergonomic grip is comfortable; there are a travel lock and the headcover as well as a travel bag with the shaver.

Unlike a full-size electric razor such as a Norelco 9000 or a Braun Series 9, this lightweight shaver does not come with an activated charger. There’s no power cord in the box, therefore.

What it uses are two AA batteries that are included in the kit by Philips. And for up to 60 minutes, this shaver can work. Yet we think if you’re using a high-capacity rechargeable battery like Eneloop, it’s going to run for over 60 minutes.

The Philips Norelco PQ208/40 is made of the durable black plastic casing. It’s a lightweight shaver with a square head. The on/off button is on the shaver’s side. Do not expect much functionality on this simple travel shaver, as there is no LED battery indicator, nor a trimmer pop-up.

4. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor, Men’s 5-Blade Cordless with Shave Sensor Technology and Wet/Dry Convenience, ES-LV65-S:

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While part of the Arc 5 series of shavers from Panasonic, the ES-LV65-S shows the defining characteristics of this line: an arched profile of the foils (hence the name of the Arc) and a large 5 blade shaving handle. This Panasonic ES-LV61 is a higher-end version of cordless electric shavers in the Panasonic line of foil design. It comes in an attractive dark blue plastic case and differs in its class from many other shavers as it has a flexible head that rotates separately from the body’s handle part. The Multi-Flex head is pivoting in all directions, making it easier to shave.

Five ultra-thin cutting blades are inside this Panasonic within the foil cutting device. Through razor is covered with nano blades of thirty degrees, offering a smoother experience of shaving. Such Multi-Fit arc blades are rotating individually, promising to be a good shaving. The lift-tech foil, the finishing foil, and the split foil are helping the blades. The Lift-Tech foil is designed with reverse-tapered edges that lift and slice hairs against the skin that are stubbornly lying. There is no need to shave back and forth constantly as Lift-Tech is going to grab them in one run. The final foil is for those with thick hair, or thickly combined with thin hair.

The Panasonic ES-LV65-S is fitted with the quickest motor on any electric shaver, a device capable of delivering 14 000 CPM (cycles per minute). You can use the ES-LV65-S with activated sen, or technology or you can fully disable it and get full power for the whole shaving session. Under the tap or in the tub, you can use it. It has a 100% waterproof case that covers the electric shaver’s inner mechanics. While using this wet shaver, you can get an excellent shave; if you don’t have the time, using the dry shaver, you can still get a good shave.

5. Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2039/42 – skin friendly, showerproof, beard and body trimmer and shaver:

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All-in-onene men’s charging stand grooming system makes it quick and easy to shave your face and body. The Philips Norelco Beard, Stubble, and Body Trimmer are an ideal choice for the man who wants a clean-cut look without the hassle. This all-in-one men’s toilet system makes it quick and easy to shave and trim underneath the neck This works hot and cold so that you can use it in the tub or on the go, from your neck and stomach to your back and shoulders. A specific trim is provided by the 5-long body comb. It’s easy to remove so you can push your beard hair to your desired length on the 5-long beard comb.

As with all foil shavers, to ensure that they are slicing successfully, you will need to clean the shaver faces. Philips advises every 6-12 months based on how often you scrub–it’s time to replace the foils from a practical point of view if you notice the shaver’s quality degrading (you have to go over places a couple of times more than normal, or the shaver doesn’t shave as close).


Choosing an outstanding electrical razor is a procedure that should be driven by several important considerations, including convenience, ease of washing, shave closeness, shaving efficiency, overall value for the manufacturer’s demand size, and longevity.

These five shavers are the best available and will deliver excellent results in shaving. Anyone who is looking for a top-rated electric shaver that offers the highest performance, convenience and closeness can use the details in this report to make an accurate purchasing decision, balancing it with his personal preferences.

Consider visiting a barber who is familiar with the needs of black hair and skin for a quick shave to get a good starting point. Once you have a straight razor shave, you can start working with an electric shaver to keep things clean, smooth, and, most of all, pain-free.

The freedom to use them in wet or dry conditions, as well as with shaving gel and rubber, is one of the most robust features of best electric shavers.

Of starters, with all the new developments, Braun has reached the top spot and is the best shaver for the man who wants a luxury foil shaver. If you are drawn to a list of the top 10 best luxury watches, the Braun Series 9 may be a good fit.

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