Braun Series 5 Review

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Indeed today’s market is full of different types of average products. For this reason, to find out the best product in the market is not a matter of everyone’s cup of tea! So? That’s the point.

Smart people know smart ways to search for the best products in the market. However, why have you opened this tab? Maybe Google brought you here after you typed in the search bar, “What is the best electrical shaver?” Right?

If yes, you are in the right place already. Yes, we see you are smart enough! Welcome, you are!

We have done mega research on your query of searching for the best electrical shaver on today’s market. In the long run, we’ve found the ultimate one for you. We hope it will make you smile for sure.

It is the Braun Series 5, which is one of the most wanted shavers in people’s choice, as well as in the top-ranked position on Amazon. Most of the running users and experts suggest it as the best electric razor for men among many of the market.

Braun Series 5 is from the Braun, a famous brand for manufacturing high-quality shavers all over the world. They understand what their customers demand. For this reason, they have been running their business for years with name and fame!

The product comes with incredible features and outstanding benefits. We are sure if you experience its story then, you will not think twice to collect yours. So we’re going to share all the information of Braun Series 5 what we’ve got in our research.

Let’s start the Braun Series 5 review, and first, take an eye on its Pros and Cons.


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Braun Series 5 comes with an abundance of Pros. No doubt it is a unique shaver for males on the running market. In our research time, we’ve collected all the pros and written them in a row for you to know. So, let’s get them!

1. Nice looking shaver
2. It has 20% more motor power.
3. Too handy, so very fast to use.

4. It’s speedy enough. Its New PowerDrive assures high-speed cutting.

5. It is built with high-quality skin sensitive technology that ensures the best performance for excellent skin comfort.

6. AutoSensing motor works for efficient shaving in every stroke.

7. It is 100% waterproof, which is convenient for a refreshing shave with foam, gel, water, or even no worries under the shower.

8. Because of its FlexMotionTec, it will not irritate the skin. It provides more efficient shaving with less skin pressure.


In a word, it is a user-friendly and best shaver for men. We didn’t see any cons from its running users. They feel proud because they use Braun Series 5. But a few claims,

It is expensive!

Right under this review, we saw another running user says, $1 in a week it’s too good. So, you cannot tell this one is too expensive. You can spend money when you get the value higher than money, right?

Now we’re going to discuss its outstanding features. Are you ready? Let’s dive in it.


If you know its incredible features once, then you’ll be a big fan of this electric shaver for sure. Every feature provides its customer best shaving comfort. So, let’s catch those features in the below:

AutoSensing motor

It makes a difference. This feature makes this model efficient to handle dense beards. Sometimes it seems discomfort for you when you use average shavers of the market. But why do you use average when you have the best? Yes, Braun Series 5 is the best product as well as the ultimate solution for them who has dense beards.

8 Direction Comfort head

Braun Series 5 is different than any other shavers of the market. With the help of this feature, you can handle difficult areas at easy. It has an adjustable shaving head that adapts in 8 directions and then makes continuous contact with the skin. So you can make your shaving much more comfortable according to your choice.

SensoFoil blades

Braun shaver is unique in its features. Braun shaving foils have 899 unique openings than can reach closer to about 0.058 mm for the perfect shave. For this reason, you can ensure lasting smoothness by using Braun Series 5.

ActiLift Trimmer

It is such a middle trimmer that captures flat-lying hair and hair growing in different directions. For a quick shave, Braun Series 5 is the best one for you because sometimes you don’t have enough time to shave but need to do a clean shave. Then Braun Series is perfect for you.

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Precision trimmer

It helps to make specific shaving. No matter what type of style you want, it will do for you. Precision trimmer of Braun Series 5 is powerful enough to precise sideburns. So, it’s more.

Li-Ion battery

Braun Series 5 takes little time to get it fully charged. Charging takes not more than one hour. You can use it at least 50 minutes with a one-time charge. There is a 3 level battery display that controls your running time.

Attachments and Accessories

You’ll get 7 things in the box. These are:

  1. Instruction Manual
  2. Braun Series 5 Electric Shaver
  3. Travel Case
  4. Cleaning Brush
  5. Cleaning Station
  6. Cleaning Cassette
  7. Charging Plug and Cord

What the Running Users Say

When we were in the market for choosing the best electric shaver for you, then we saw plenty of eye-catching reviews on it. Most of the reviews were positive and a sign of great satisfaction.

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Den Mayers (from Amazon) writes,

“I’ve very sensitive skin. My beards like copper wire. I always avoid cheap shavers because they can be rude on my skin. It is an incredible one that I purchased for me. Its cleaning system is so easy. I love this product. Highly Recommended!!”

John tailor writes,

“I am always a Braun fan. I am highly pleased with this Braun Series 5. Best razor experience.”

Final VerdictWe are at the eleventh hour in our Braun Series 5 review and hope you are excited to grab yours! In the write-up, we shared authentic information after a lot of time research. So, you can keep faith in our review. Most probably you’ve taken already purchase decisions.

Smart people, smart choice!

Thank you for being with us.

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