Champ detox drink reviews

Green Planet Products inc. was established in 1997 to supply competitive quality products nationwide to our loyal distributors and customers. We are located in Southern California and our goal as a business is simple: to supply the simplest service and products to distributors, wholesalers and smoke shops at a competitive rate and fast delivery and tailor our prices to accommodate smoke shop everywhere the USA and worldwide.

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Champ Flush Out may be a detox drink that some marijuana users address in an attempt to beat an upcoming drug test. The brand has been around for over 20 years which suggests that it’s been effective for several as they likely would have gone out of business by now (at least with the detox product range) if it hadn’t been successful for several . If you would like to detox and pass a piss test then you would possibly choose this product. Champ Flush Outcomes during a sort of different flavors including Strawberry Kiwi, Orange Mango and Lemon Lime. the range of flavors offered with this product range may contribute an entire lot toward its popularity too. Champ Flush Out is produced by The Green Planet Products Inc.

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There are plenty of reasons why someone might got to pass a drug test. it’s going to be that they need to detox (such as through a weed detox) so as to mask narcotic use or that they’re taking legal medications like medicinal marijuana which many employers should disagree with. it’s going to be that a user wishes to carry on to the privacy of their own health information too. Products like Champ Flush Out are advertised not as ways to pass a drug test but as a product for normal detoxing purposes. actually , though, many of us do use it to beat a test. It’s important to understand that a lively and intentional effort to beat a drug test has been outlawed in various regions so confirm that it’s not against the law to undertake to cheat a test in your territory. Several U.S. states have already made the practice illegal. Employing a detox drink to pass a federally administered drug test can also be a federal crime.

Dilution can work as a cleanser for several drugs including opiates, alcohol, and marijuana. it’ll only really work for a urine test. it’s going to help to a minimal amount with blood and saliva tests but you can’t substantially dilute your blood without causing very harmful and life-threatening imbalances of electrolytes. For a saliva test, you’ll instead search for a secure and appropriate detox mouthwash. Dilution will have zero effect when it involves a hair drug test. It’s important to settle on the proper product in order that you’ll maximize your chances of passing a test.

Champ Flush Out Detox Drink instructions For Detoxifying Cannabis?

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Execute the subsequent directions exactly:

Stop smoking weed and other drugs for a minimum of two days, preferably for extended .

Shake the bottle of Champ Flush Out Detox and drink its entire contents.

After quarter-hour have passed, refill the suppress with water and consume.

Pee one or twice , then take the test. Do not consume an excessive amount of water for a detox attempt as this might cause water intoxication.



Riboflavin adds a yellow color to urine to assist mask dilution (Gatautis & Natio, 1981). this is often one among the foremost important ingredients within the product.

Creatine Monohydrate (1000 mg)

Creatine monohydrate helps to bring your creatinine levels up to a traditional amount. Without it, the detox process will have seen you lose tons of creatine and testers will realize that you simply have diluted your sample (Ropero-Miller, Paget-Wilkes, Doering & Goldberger, 2000).

Milk Thistle

Helps to detox the liver (Hackett, Twedt & Gustafson, 2013)

Guarana extract (333 mg)

Guarana may be a caffeine source which works as a diuretic to reinforce urination (Blachard & Sawers, 1983)

Echinacea Extract (333 mg)

This works as a moderate laxative and detoxifier.

Terms of product Use

Don’t use this product if you’re underage or if it’s against the law to detox for a drug test where you reside . Take a glance at the local laws to ascertain if there’s anything on detoxing for a drug test. the corporate behind the merchandise , The Green Planet Products Inc. doesn’t have a returns policy with the exception of store credit.

When to use and not use:

In most cases, it’ll be safe to use this product. Avoid Champ Flush Out however if you’re under 18 or pregnant. Also, confirm to carefully read the ingredients just in case you’re allergic to anything.

Additional Products For Passing Testing

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To pass a saliva test:

While Champ Flush Out may help a touch toward beating a saliva test, realistically you’ll want to require a glance at other products for tests beyond a urinalysis. The Green Planet Products don’t provide a mouthwash product but thankfully there are many mouth detox drinks on the market including Stinger Detox Mouthwash and Ultra Klean Saliva Cleansing Mouthwash.

To pass a urine drug test:

The Green Planet Products Inc. also provides a second range of detox drinks that would be wont to pass a urine test with their Jump Start Flush Out Detox drinks. Again this range isn’t advertised as how to detox and beat a drug test although many weed users have done so.

Pros and cons for cleansing with Champ Flush Out

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  • It contains herbs which accompany laxative effects but not too many who they’re going to cause liver stress.
  • It contains just one B-vitamin wont to add color to your urine sample which can be diluted if this product is taken. It doesn’t overdo it.
  • Contains creatine monohydrate to assist keep creatinine levels at the proper amount.
  • It comes during a range of the many flavors.
  • Effective in only 3/4s of an hour.
  • Easy to get .

First of all, we checked out online reviews from users. There was an enormous mixture of one and five stars, which seemed a touch suspicious. Usually, you’d expect to ascertain a more balanced opinion. At least that’s what we see with tons of other detox drinks. So, I got along side a couple of colleagues and friends, and that we had a really selfless party. I then became the volunteer to not use any marijuana for 48 hours and undergo the detox.

We got three urine test kits, and that i went through the instructions 3 times during a row.

And what were the results?Unfortunately, quite mixed.

On days 1 and a couple of , i might have failed a test. On day 3, I got a pass, and that i went ahead and ran the test again a short time later and got another fail. So, overall, not the foremost reliable product. I even have to say that i might not recommend taking this sort of detox if you’ve got to submit a hair sample. THC and other drugs may stay in your hair for tons longer than a couple of days.


  • A little expensive at about $19.99 although not particularly expensive in comparison to several other detox drinks on the market.
  • Limited information online.

Dilution should be detectable. Your timing has got to be perfect in order that the consequences haven’t wiped out or did not kick in by the time you’re taking the test. you would possibly want to practice reception with a separate bottle and on a separate occasion (don’t consume an excessive amount of of this product during a relatively short space of time).

How does one Use Champ Flush Out Detox

The directions to be used are printed on the rear of the bottle, and that they are quite foolproof. Even if you’ve been partying a touch hard for a short time .

Step 1 is that the important one.

You have to avoid drugs for 2 days. Yes, meaning staying clean and no sneaky puff of weed.

Next, you drink the complete 16-ounce bottle within quarter-hour and immediately refill it with water. Aim to drink that water within another quarter-hour and await it all to hit your bladder. You will got to pee, and therefore the more you would like to pee, the higher the results should technically be.

Now, i might add that you simply might want to try to to this 2 or 3 times over every week for max cleansing before you submit a urine sample. And on the day of the urine test, it’s possibly best to use it a minimum of 1 to 2 hours before you’ve got to submit your sample.

Who Makes Champ Flush Out Detox Drink?

So, the manufacturers behind this product are called Green Planet Inc based in California. This company features a huge range of products, from sports drinks to weighing scales.I know, how do those possibly relate?

Now, I even have to say that nothing on the packaging indicates that this is often designed to assist folks pass a drug test. But with some advertising that I’ve seen target active weed users, you’d think it should be suitable.


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How long does Champ Flush Out Detox drink work?

Champ Flush Out Detox drink works for about 5 hours after drinking it. However, supported the knowledge on the bottle and website, it should be best after about 2 hours. Using it several times over every week can also increase how long it works as a THC cleanse.

Can Champ Flush Out Detox drink be detected in drug tests?

No, Champ Flush Out Detox drink can’t be detected in drug tests because the active ingredients are natural and perfectly legal. Also, lab facilities aren’t using urine drug test kits that specialise in other things than drugs like weed and cocaine.

 Is it an equivalent as other detox products?

 Champ Flush Out Detox Drink has been on the market longer than other products since 1997 possibly. Also, it’s fewer herbs and vitamins which could stress the liver and kidneys and thus is cheaper and only includes what’s necessary.

 How does it work?

 It dilutes the marijuana and adds color, nutrients, and creatine to avoid the urinalysis detectors.

 Does it work for weed, for opiates, for cocaine?

 Champ Flush Out Detox Drink uses dilution to cover the presence of medicine . Dilution may go for any drugs within the system, including marijuana and nicotine.

 for a way many days drug stay in your body?

 Drugs all have different times to elimination. Single-use stays within the system for a shorter period.

Q: Does Champ Flush Outwork for opiates?

A: Yes. It should work for opiates as like with any detox product, it’s not specially designed to detox any particular toxins like THC. Detoxers like this product add a universal thanks to help facilitate and speed up the removal of poisons and drug residues from the body generally .

Q: Is Champ Flush Out detectable?

A: It’s unlikely . Many of the ingredients included are natural or often designed to assist make the urine sample appear as natural as possible. it’s unlikely that testers will search for the ingredients themselves that are featured in products like this one.

Q: How long does it last?

A: Champ Flush Out should kick in after about 45 minutes with effects which will last for five hours or more.

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