Dry-bar Buttercup Blow Dryer, read this before buying it

The Drybar buttercup blow dryer is among the best selling dryer in the market, it is designed with amazing features the best twists and beachy waves. 

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This Drybar buttercup hair-dryer is a ground-breaking dryer with 1875 watts and good for all hair types. Negative particles and infrared technology leave hair looking shiny.

It has a little gadget that measures wind speed, set the hair dryers to most extreme speed, and effectively blow the hair to your preferred state.

The more wind a dryer produces, the quicker our hair dries and the less time it spends under the warmth. Obviously most producers go for 45 miles for every hour. The greater part of our dryers are, the diffusers and concentrators append and evacuate.


This Drybar buttercup hair-dryer is designed to blow hair to the extreme removing hair particle which may settle to cause dirt. However, what makes the Drybar Buttercup diverse is that it really leaves hair more advantageous.

It has a monologic technology which attempts to limit drying time and seals the hair so as to lessen. This is a similar device utilized by the hairstylists so as to accomplish the ideal style.

Minerals are implanted in the warming loop and softened into concentrator spout and warmth shield for sparkling, more beneficial hair.

The Buttercup Drybar hair dryer accompanies three temperature and two-speed settings. A cool shot catch is set up obviously to help lock in your style.

There is a lot of reasons why individuals blow dry their hair consistently. To start with, your hair will look significantly richer.

It will likewise keep you from leaving your home with wet hair and gambling a virus. In case you’re going to dry your hair, you need to dry it wherever you go.

Over the top blow drying can prompt hair harm yet what makes the Drybar Buttercup diverse is that it really leaves hair more beneficial.

Engine Power

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The Drybar buttercup blow dryer is built with an ultra-amazing 1875 watt engine and Ionic Technology give the shiniest, without frizz victories in 20% less time than most expert dryers.

Negative particle generator blows billions of negative particles into hair to seal the fingernail skin and lessen frizz while drying.

This engine powers the wave warmer which takes into consideration uniform warmth circulation for quicker and all the more notwithstanding drying.


  • You won’t need to stress over crimped hair, even in moistness! The Baby Buttercup uses negative particles to seal hair follicles and keep your hair tame. This can spare you a great deal of cash on hair items! It will likewise keep your hair putting its best self forward.
  • You can take this hairdryer anyplace. Not exclusively does it helpfully crease into an item that will fit in many totes, and it even works in a wide range of voltages just in the event that you have to dry your hair in another nation. Simply be mindful so as to keep your water bottle firmly verified to evade any harm. Best of all, in spite of its little size, it is similarly as incredible as the other blow dryers available. Actually, it may even be more dominant than your full-sized dryer.
  • Quality is significant, and you realize you have quality with the Baby Buttercup two-year constrained guarantee. This won’t cover all harm, however, in the event that the item is inadequate in light of issue on the maker, you might be secured!
  • This dryer will chip away at a hair. It doesn’t make a difference if your hair is totally straight or in the event that you have tight twists. It additionally has two warmth settings with the goal that you can get the particular outcome that you need. It even accompanies a cool air catch.

The features of the Drybar buttercup blow dryer list the different design component the dryer has, to some point, it is a unique dryer.

With all of its features, the Buttercup dryer seems to be a good choice for at-home blowouts like they do in the salon.

And those who enjoy looking and feeling like they just stepped out of the salon, this is the best dryer for you. The lightweight and fast-drying, smoothing technology make the Buttercup worth the investment. 


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  • Keeps hair healthier
  • Adds volume and reduces frizz
  • Seals cuticle, increasing shine
  • Several temp settings
  • Locking the cool-shot button
  • Nano ionic technology breaks down water molecules to keep hair hydrated
  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight, designed for professional, all-day use
  • Dries hair much faster than other dryers


  • Cost
  • Warranty
  • Heating element issues


The Drybar buttercup blow dryer measures the blow dryer movement, you can easily find this feature in most blower. 

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It even has its own suitcase, in case you might want to carry it while traveling. This unique dryer is designed with the features you can find in any other blow dryer.

It has a much more apparent that causes clients to appreciate the item, however. It can dry even the thickest hair in around ten minutes. For a movement measured item, it truly has a ton of intensity.

It gives you different warmth settings, so you can get the style that you need.

It additionally gives you an extra-long string so that, in case you’re similar to me, you have enough space to move around while preparing.

There is likewise a two-year guarantee, so I realize that my speculation will keep going for quite a while. Obviously, as most guarantees, it is restricted. It also has a good customer service. 

An extreme travel-dryer tried to convey 100 percent of the power and execution of most expert full-size dryers, for the ideal Drybar drying.

The Dry-bar Buttercup Blow-Dryer comes with an ionic technology, which expands sparkle, limits frizz, and significantly limits dry time.

The incredible engine is planned with two temperature and heat settings for custom settings.

It has a weight of exactly a pound, effectively overlays into a minimal organization to fit into any bag, and incorporates an adorable dryer.

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