Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer – Tested and Reviewed

Also called the Fan-favourite blowout weighing as little as one pounds and once ounce. Buttercup Blow-Dryer was created to serve as a lightweight portable hair styling device. It has unsurprising climbed up the ranks of top 5 hand dryer products in 2019. it is designed with thoughtful features like the 9 foot long cord which is sufficient for a user whose power socket is no where close to the mirror. This device also consist of 2 plastic nozzles which helps in cooling off the air that passes through. This is due to the minerals packed in the nozzles which conducts negative iron, in order to reduce excessive heat that could damage hair; instead, a shiner healthy looking hair is the result.

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It could be deemed unreasonable to spend $200 on an ordinary blow-dryer and exactly that; The Drybar Buttercup hair dryer isn’t just your regular blow-dryer. It is that one product that last a life time. Often people are fascinated about upscale products and how ridiculous the prices of purchasing them. They fail to notice the investments and after costs that these luxury goods safe them in the long run. Take for instance when La Mere offered free samples for its Creme de la Mer product which had a retail cost at an incredible $2,095 USD, a jar of only 16.5oz. At a glance, of course it’s ridiculous, but then focus on quality and value, the worth begins to unveil itself.

Feature Overview of Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer

  • Temperature ranges from 70- 2000F
  • A wind speed of 38 mph
  • Weighs only 17.4 oz
  • An average decibels of 91
  • Priced at $225 USD per package
  • DryBar offers buyers a 2 years warranty
  • One of consumer top 5 bought in 2019

It is no surprise why this futuristic looking device has been increasingly replaced in hair salons. The 50% of reviews from people who had tested the Drybar Buttercup hair dryer come form hairstylists who upgraded to this amazing device. The other 50% are from those who testify that when the dryer was used on their there, they could notice a huge difference compared to previous hair drying tools. It has been reported to be quiet when in use so one can actually make a meaningful conversation without haven to scream on the top of their lungs during a hair appointment.

A good reason to buy this product is a perfect hair shine after effect that lasts throughout Buyers

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 So what exactly should buyers expect after purchasing the Buttercup Blow Dryer?

The brand describes this product as “ionic technology”, that helps in sealing cuticles while reducing hair frizz. A lady remarked after purchasing Drybar baby butter cutter hair dryer that it was the best thing that ever happened to her frizzy hair. When a person begins to use this product, they will first notice a significant change in tresses which always becomes smoother and this will also be noticed around their network of friends as people begins to drop complements like “your hair looks very healthy, whats the secret”, or “you have very shiny hair”. this is a lovable product by many with an easy controllable heat regulator which is very helpful when styling hair. Due to the blow dryer wave heater, the hair drying process has been cut down to only few minute so that one can easily jump out of the shower and blow dry their hair in no time.  It has a foldable feature as well which enables it to be carried about where necessary. One other great feature is the cool shot, self locking button which means a one can activate a cool fan when pressed upon a button. This single button is what differentiate good blow dryer from bad blow dryer.

Why is Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer Is user favourite choice?

The Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer is a great device that delivers a gorgeous results while offering stylish thoughtful touches. It outperformed other hair dryer product by scoring very well both in temperature regulation (with a variety range from 70 to 200 degrees) and in it’s quality performance. Users experience reports that after making use of the Drybar product, they could feel their hair fuller with less frizz. Although there wasn’t a constant opinion about how well the dryer improved shine, none withstanding, everyone admitted to a softer healthier looking hair.

What is so Unique about the Buttercup Blow Dryer?

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Everyone practically loves the Buttercup’s 2 distinctively unique concentrator feature that come along with a standard flat edge which is found on one side and another scalloped edge which many tests admits to be very useful when ensuring that the heat was adequately dispersed evenly through out the entire hair. A diffuser, which is referred to as “The Bouncer,” costs a bit extra, but was found to easily connect to a bowl that is wide enough to contain a large curls and not swallowing up the shorter and thinner hair.

Pros of Buttercup’s blow dryer

  • Dries hair very quickly
  • A smoother hair with no-frizz result
  • Evenly distributes heat across entire hair
  • Has lighter wight compared to competitive brands

What is the Important point to consider when purchasing Buttercup Blow Dryer?

Buttercp’s Low wind speed

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The only biggest flaw that Buttercup’s has is its wind speed: it reaches only 38 mph. But guess what? That’s double the speed of all other budget blow dryers, Although, if it was a bit faster, it would ave been the complete package for all hair types. Those very thick and coarse hair may still find it more time demanding to blow dry their hair. However, users have tested and reviewed this new product that caught the eyes of many in 2019, and they had testified to their endless loved for it’s result and that is all that really matters- results.

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