Eat Stop Eat Diet Program Review and how it works

Have you ever heard about the term ‘intermittent fasting’? If you’re someone who cares even slightly about healthy lifestyle and diet in general, you probably know that this fasting method has been gaining popularity all over the Internet in recent years.

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Enter Eat Stop Eat, a diet plan based entirely on this—surprisingly—ancient method to staying in shape. Intermittent fasting may have been raising eyebrows in the West in recent years, but many cultures around the world have been practising it for centuries.

Intermittent fasting in a nutshell is when you practise self-discipline so as to cut cravings. But you’re allowed to eat and drink smartly at certain windows during the day. This way you’re helping your body to gradually adjust to running on less fuel, meaning you’ll be less often hungry for unhealthy snacks, too.

We think the basic idea of Eat Stop Eat is to still allow you to eat, and then stop, and then eat again. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to help you burn fat, but wait until you understand the whole science behind it. You’ll be delightedly surprised!

Let’s look at some details about what this Eat Stop Eat diet plan is all about. We’ll be covering the pros and cons, as well as ending with a summary of it, so you’ll get an idea on whether or not this life-changing diet plan is the right fit for you.

What is it?

The Eat Stop Eat diet wonder plan is a 91-page ebook designed to help you live by a new lifestyle. It’s so much more than just about losing some pounds off your belly, but doing this will help you get even more productive.

The Eat Stop Eat ebook covers many myths about fasting in order to dispel them. The author endeavours to straighten the misconceptions circulating the act of fasting. For example, myths pertaining to muscle loss and slowed metabolism, which are totally untrue. The book covers some 50 references to studies that have ever been conducted on eating and nutrition.

Who made it?

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Brad Pilon used to dwell in the dietary supplement world that promises all kinds of fancy products to help you stay in shape. Overtime, he became doubtful about all of that practice after seeing so many people still failing to achieve the weight loss goals they had set for themselves.

He then began researching about the best method to diet and found that the simplest explanation is always the best answer: fasting. Basically, not eating is the answer to losing weight. Pretty logical, huh?

Brad Pilon continues to do extensive research into the ancient method of intermittent fasting and found the best time period to be 24 hours. In the book, he covers topics about insulin, hormone levels, and goes to explain in detail why he thinks a 24-hour period is the best strategy to lose weight fast.

How does it work?

The Eat Stop Eat strategy is to get you to fast for 24 hours, just once or twice within a week. During this time when you’re not eating anything but water, your body will rapidly burn fat while decreasing insulin levels. At the same time, insulin sensitivity and growth hormone levels increase.

At the beginning, you may need to tackle some challenging hunger pains for your first 24 hours of fasting. During this time, it may be difficult to carry on with difficult tasks that especially require brain and mental power. But, since this fasting needs only be done once or twice a week, you can choose your own window that’s suitable to your work schedule.

All you need to do during the fasting period is to distract yourself with small tasks or just do something nice for yourself that doesn’t have anything to do with food. As you go along your body will adjust to this new routine and as a result, you will lose weight in a much faster time period than you may have been aware of.

When the new habit has been formed, your body will change dramatically and the old cravings will be gone. And since the method gives you a new take on eating and lifestyle itself, maintaining your shape in the long run becomes a piece of cake, too.

The Eat Stop Eat intermittent fasting is a diet plan that will cut your cravings while providing you with more energy to do exercises. Even if you don’t like to exercise, this method ensures that you still lose a significant amount during the 24 hours of fasting.


  • Aims to reduce craving, which can lead to long-term result of staying in shape
  • Relatively easy to follow and very relaxed as it needs to be done only 1-2 per week
  • Fast fat burning and significant weight loss in just 4 weeks
  • Flexible with when the fasting can be performed within the week
  • Simple guidelines which can be life-changing


  • Intermittent fasting may be a bit difficult for some people at the beginning
  • The method shouldn’t be applied by adults who have some kind of eating disorders; only generally healthy people can do this
  • The plan is simple and straightforward, so it doesn’t have too many other eating tips nor physical exercise tips
  • Only comes in digital format and no physical book so far


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The Eat Stop Eat ebook is a comparatively relaxed diet plan that can be life-changing, provided you live by the exercises and remain under control of your discipline. You also get to decide for yourself when to fast intermittently, so the whole plan won’t be disruptive to your day-to-day schedule.

Although intermittent fasting may be a concept that could be challenging for some, it is overall a much better method than starving or chugging on diet pills that may cause long-term side effects. However, this program is only suitable for adults who do not have other eating disorders with them.

Despite the plan promising a significant amount of weight to lose during only 4 weeks of exercise, the ebook has a 60-day money-back guarantee on it. So, what have you got to lose by trying it except for fat and unhealthy cravings?

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