Everyday Oil Review

100% herbal without synthetic ingredients or some form of preservative. Carefully formulated for balance, it has a texture which quickly absorbs and gives a dewy glow. Every day oil is a genuinely holistic oil and we recommend that it be used instead of washing the face.

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Everyday Oil is also suitable for use as a depth conditioner, beard oil, cuticle oil , natural insecticide, after-sun, after-surfing, after-shave, bath soaks, massage oil, to avoid stretch marks, help fresh tattoos, a nursery salve or whatever you need:)

Can I really use that as a matter of fact?

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Yeah, the oils are very balanced, and regular oil is a more holistic way to purify your skin. Although it is all-natural, it works, we promise.

From a young age we were told that we have to use face wash and then use lotion to hydrate. When you use conventional facial wash, even the gentlest kind, your skin is striped and its natural barrier removed. Replacement of natural oils of your skin with lotion full of fillers and emollients, fragrances and preservatives, is a havoc on our skin. In order to compensate for what has been lost, the skin also attempts to balance it by overproduction of its own oils.

Every day Oil balances with the natural oils of your skin, adding many anti-microbial, cleaning and healing benefits. Imagine going into your pores and living amid natural barriers and defenses of your skin, holistically cleaning and purifying them instead of removing them and fully replacing them. Your skin will be healthy in this way. And when you don’t use something, your skin will be perfect. And if you camp or the airline loses its bag … your skin is perfect, it will be balanced.

One of the best things about Everyday Oil is to get away from the feeling that if you stay anywhere for an overnight stay, your skin “will freak out.” Let your skin be free from a cycle of self-defense and encourage it to desperately overproduce its own oils to make up for its loss.

Everyday Oil works well for those with oily teeth or challenges with acne, although it might sound counterintuitive, because components of the oils have shown themselves to fight acne and skin mutations. Many, many users have assured us that Daily Oil balances their “problem skin.”

When Emma Allen began to develop a natural botanical oil, she influenced a particular aspect: she wanted it to have the perfect texture, one that “actually absorbed without being on the skin.” That seemingly subtle detail is indeed the reason why some oils make your skin glow — and some obscure your pores.

Over and above that? She also wanted a solution which “was super hydrative but also cleaning, which just smelled great.”

Allen did all this with Daily Oil and more. The multifunctional blend of coconut, olive, argan, jojoba and beaver oils sinks in and moisturizes without becoming greasy. Indeed, the elixir is so transforming that Allen chose to bottle it for others.

And who wouldn’t want that comfort? You can’t do about this multi-functional wonder, turns out. Here we share some of Allen’s best ideas about how to use the miracle oil (which, by the way, smells very, very incredible).

Like a face wash:

Soap will also isolate the skin from the necessary healthy oils it requires to be hydrated. Oil, however, eliminates dirt and grime while balancing your teint — as an extra bonus, the mix has antimicrobial advantages every day.

The preferred approach for Allen is to clean your face with a warm bath, dry it and then use Daily Oil (it ‘will purify your skin so you won’t have to remove it,’ she notes).

Allen says to scrub with warm water for a thorough cleaning every few days, massage one or two pumps in a damp skin, rinse, pat dry, and then finish with a little more oil as a moisturizer.

As a slight exfoliant:

Follow the above method, but use a clean washcloth to massage the oil — you lift dead skin cells softly, and oil avoids any dryness or discomfort. Rinse your face, pat dry, and then use your moisturizer with a dab of oil.

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Like a hair stylist:

Rub whatever remains on your fingertips in the tips of your hair, after using the oil on your face or body, soften and tame split ends. For wavier hair, you should rub your palms a little more and use your hands to form your curls.

As a scalp mask:

Allen states that her oil has “immense anti-microbial and anti-piling value” to help control pulp. Rub the oil on the scalp before shampooing for a DIY hair mask. Mix two pumps with your conditioner for an additional conditioning fix, apply to the ends of wet Hair and leave in.

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As an initial makeup:

Sweep the oil under a base as the first coat or tinted moisture. “These stuff are a good foundation,” says Allen. Only let it soak for a couple of minutes before using other items. She reveals that Allen even has friends who pair their tinted moisturizer with an Everyday Oil pump.

As a makeup remover:

According to Allen, most conventional make-up removers are mostly mineral oil, which is an oil from petroleum. To remove the make-up using the mineral-free formula of EOs, sprinkle your skin with warm water , add two pumps and massage it “as you would wash your face,” Allen said. Rinse and wash off any towel excess. “We’ll only use a little more oil and wipe it away if you still have eye make-up.”


There are no guidelines about how you use Daily Oil as a face wash, but our advice is here

Rinse your face with warm water and add regular oil and massage gently in the face and neck while still damp. Either go away and allow anything to soak in, or slightly dry with a towel, and apply something more to extra moisture.

For a gentle exfoliation sometimes (or to remove dirt, make-up, etc.), rub Daily Oil into a moist skin. Wet a clean washcloth and remove dirt, grime, make-up, etc.

When you get acquainted with Everyday Oil, you will find your own and new techniques and uses for Everyday Oil


To extract maquillage or more necessary dirt and grime

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Splash a little warm water on your hands, then massage into your face and neck two pumps of Everyday Oil. Drain a clean washcloth and brush off any residue. If required, repeat.

Most “make-up removers” are mostly mineral oil, which is a petroleum oil. Regular oil functions as well as mineral oil maquillages without the by-products of petroleum.

We’re a huge fan of beards here at Everyday Gasoline. Beards also contain bacteria and the anti-microbial properties of Everyday Oil are ideal for keeping your beard fresh , clean and smelling great. Using regular oil openly like a “beard oil” and rejoice.


Using what little remains on your hands after use on your face and body to treat dry ends. Fold it into the ends of your hair, where it gets drier, or blend it a little with your favorite styling, to add a little moisture.

Use more liberally for curly, textured or coarse hair.

If you want more product or a slightly wet look in your hair, use as much as you want.

Mix one pump with your conditioner for extra moisture.

Everyday oil has enormous anti-microbial and anti-fungal advantages, which makes dandruff and scalp problems beneficial. Clean the scalp before shampooing, to be used as a scalp mask.

Apply to dry hair from root to tip, and leave before shampooing (for 5 minutes or for as long as overnight).

Long before the skincare routine, moisturisers and serums, face oils and essences usually involved the concept of looking after the skin with only one product. Back in simpler days, Everyday Oil does something with its multifarious mix of botanical and essential oils that fill each of its bottles. Even if it is skin that balances, purifies, nourishes or hydrates, this tiny elixir is a trick, as well as for the whole family.

Established by Emma Allen and manufactured on small batches by her team, based in Black Mountain, North Carolina and the sensuous, indulgent fragrance of a high-end perfume, Everyday Oil provides the holistic advantage of using organic body oil. The Mainstay Blend is a rich cooker of cocoa, olive, argan, jojoba, and rice oil that absorbs easily in the skin and comes with a heavenly scent of lavender, geranium, clary sage and palo santo. Confortable yet uplifting, the fragrance adds a lovely tilt to the oil that really works. For newborns or those with sensitive skin, an unscented version is also available. Natural and unisexual, oil can be used for face washing, body moisture and hair care. Additional recommended approaches include using beard oil, salve nursing, bath soak, aftersurfing and after-sun as well as insect repellent.


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What sort of essential oils do you supply?

Our essential oils are of the highest quality and the most closely regulated in the industry. They comply with ISO 9001:2008 and provide data sheets, certificates, GC reports and certified organic ingredients certified by the leading independent organic certification firm, QAI.

Are Your Ingredients Cruelty Free?

Yeah, absolutely, always, always.

Is the packaging null and void?

Yes, any aspect is recyclable when you receive a shipment from Everyday Oils, from the package and the shipping materials to the glass bottle itself.

Can I use Everyday Oil during pregnancy?

Yeah, we’ve got a lot of friends and clients who reported using Daily Oil safely during pregnancy. None of the essential oils in Everyday Oil are contraindicated during pregnancy and there are no serious accidents linked to ordinary basic oil intake during pregnancy according to the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. Read more here Read more

If you have any questions, check with your doctor at all times.

Can I use Everyday Oil On Children?

There is some contradictory evidence, but we do not suggest that products containing essential oils (or any kind of scents) be used on infants under 1 year of age. Essential oils are strong and while many people have used essential oils safely in healthy dilutions, we agree that they are a little too strong for newborns. Always do what you believe is best for your family, but we suggest our Unscented Mix for young babies and anyone susceptible to essential oils. Use your judgment and check with your doctor if you have any questions

My Daily Oil Smells Different from my last glass, is something wrong?

We use 100 % natural ingredients, which ensures that everything comes from plants directly. Like plum from the same tree, the essential oils of different harvests can taste slightly different because of weather, soil, rain, and so on. In most mainstream products they use synthetic fragrances or use elements from pure essential oil which have been changed to ‘stabilize’ them.

Is daily oil ideal for acne?

Skin problems can be incredibly stressful and we fully understand your anxiety to use a product such as Everyday Oil. Although using oil on Acne-prone skin can seem highly unintuitive, some of our most consistent users have “problem skin,” and we highly recommend that you use Daily Oil specifically for break-outs (as a cleaner and moisturizer).

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