Favorite Foods Diet Review – Hype or Real?

This world is full of people who are literally living to eat their favorite food but the only problem about being a foodie is that you really have to keep an eye on your weight as most of the food lovers are suffering from the weight problems.

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To eat your favorite food without any worries, you can use a program which will help you in losing weight.

Today we will review a program guide named Favorite Foods guide which offers you to lose weight by eating your favorite food items.

 So a company which is certified by Nutritionist Robert Ferguson called Provide developed simple diet plan which is focused on the way of eating, pairing the right foods and timing of eating.

Actually, this program is an online weight loss program which helps you in losing your weight by eating delicious or favorite food so it is more beneficial for food lovers. This book is based on the process of combining your favorite food with some ingredients which can help them burn their body fat while eating your favorite food.

We will divide this review into different points so that it becomes easy for you to understand it thoroughly.


The most important thing about a program is its author.

Chrissie Mitchel is the founder of The Favorite Foods Diet. She believes in eating her favorite food in such a way so that it also help her in losing weight. She is so dedicated towards her profession that she is still focusing on her aim even after becoming a mother of 3 children. She is indeed an amazing inspiration for us. Her struggle teaches us that we should try our best and give our 100% until we get success in our goal no matter how old we are.

Offerings of Favorite Food Diet:

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In our review, we prefer only those programs which have something unique to offer.  Like this, there are so many questions which can arise in your mind before using this favorite food diet program so according to the author, this program is based on some scientific facts which are certified by scientist Robert Ferguson and we will discuss those scientific facts below.

Some of the Scientific Facts in which weight loss system is depending on are:-

1.Lies of the weight loss industry.

2.The reason behind your weight gain

3.Weight loss formula.


LIES OF THE WEIGHT LOSS INDUSTRY: As you can understand by reading the heading of the first section that almost all the companies try to confuse their customers by providing false advertisements so the founder of this program wants you to understand some of the basics of this program and let you know how this program can help you in losing weight while eating your favorite food.

REASON BEHIND WEIGHT GAIN:  Next section is causes of obesity which will tell you the main causes of obesity so that you can take good decisions towards your good health for the long term in an easier way.

WEIGHT LOSS FORMULA: Favorite foods diet provides you a weight loss formula which includes the types of food to eat or way of eating and suggests you eat food after fixed time taken in a sufficient amount by which you can easily and faster occupy an effective result towards your health by this program.

RECIPES: This is my favorite section as here you get all the great recipes of your favorite food items. This section provides you the recipe of healthy delicious food which is delicious in your taste as well as beneficial for your health. There are so many recipes of healthy delicious food provided in this program which is easy to cook.

After discussing the offerings of this program, let’s discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of this program:


1. A huge benefit of this favorite foods diet is that after getting the full information you can easily use this without any complaints and you can also use this in your daily life routine.

2. The most interesting advantage of this program is that you can lose your weight by eating your favorite food.

3. Those who are serious for their good health favorite foods diet is better for them because in this diet there is no need for regular diet plan or personal trainer.

4. There are some plenty of benefits that you enjoy more such as :

Rapid weight loss, Science-based information, Easy to understand, long term support.

5. This product “THE FAVORITE FOOD DIET” is also low in price everyone can afford this. As this online product, there are so many programs like this on the internet today but no one can offer the best deal like this in the same amount.


1. The most upsetting limitation of this book is that it is only available in E-books. Most of the people prefer reading physical books as they can be accessed without any electronic device

2. There are many positive as well as negative reviews for this program as some people are not willing to follow the correct method of this program. So if you are not determined to lose weight than it can be a little deal breaker for you.


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After considering all the advantages and disadvantages of using this program guide, One thing we can say is that this program guide can help you if you are willing to follow the guide with determination. Losing weight while eating your favorite food looks like an exciting experiment. The positive side of this book is that it does not promote any harmful substance. Another convincing thing about this book is its price. This book is available for only $37 which is not a big amount if it is helping you in losing weight and staying healthy. There are so many program guides which can help you in losing weight but comes with so many side effects. So this makes it unique in the market.

It was all about the Favorite Food diet review.

I hope I was able to clear all your doubts and answer all your questions.

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