Jabra Elite 65t Truly Wireless Headphones Review

Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds – True Wireless Earbuds with Charging Case, Copper Black – Bluetooth Earbuds with a Secure Fit and Superior Sound, Long Battery Life and More

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The Elite 65 t is made of plastic, just like most of the truly wireless earbuds currently available. So if you’re expecting a luxury metal build, then you’ll have to wait. The good news is the plastic structure ensures these are lightweight and don’t look like weighing down the face. I was really impressed by the way they matched too. Normally, I see the need for insulation and appropriate reasons to substitute the ear tips with Comply Memory foam ones. But on both hands, the silicone tips that come with the’ buds by default did a good enough job that I didn’t feel the need. I didn’t have them pop out of my ears once, whether I was driving around the building or training at the track.

The Jabra Elite 65 t seems more discrete, and a little more formal in a strange way. I feel less like a hypebeast in public wearing these out, and more like someone wearing earbuds. At the bottom of each’ bud with microphones inside, there’s also a small part, and since Jabra has a long history of making microphones in their headsets, I’m not surprised that these work very well for phone calls. There’s a button on either earbud that lets you do certain things like changing tracks and raising speed, but what I like best about them is how much space they reach. Basically, the left earbud has two distinct keys, each with a slight ridge that lets you know where to click.

I was frustrated as far as connection goes in the Elite 65 t. They were all very good, but that’s about it. Drops were very unlikely however, when using Bluetooth 5.0, they did happen. The music stuttered twice in a time span of four hours, which is not terrible at all but I still need to note it. I can understand if I’m across the room, but if my phone is in my pocket, I don’t think it’s too much to expect no stutters. Beyond that, when watching videos on your phone, there’s a significant lag in audio and dialog doesn’t match what a person is saying. Based about what I was doing that was more or less noticeable.

The Jabras snugly suit my mouth. They just sound good. The connection— both to your device and between the earbuds themselves — holds up remarkably well thanks to Bluetooth 5. So their battery life is solid and they have a lightweight carrying case. These miss additional features such as the built-in fitness tracking or language translation that Samsung and Bragi earbuds previously provided, but these earbuds master the basics. The gunmetal gray Elite 65 t earbuds don’t stick too far out of the ears like Bose’s SoundSport Free, and they don’t have lengthy stems like the AirPods. For the most part, all earbuds are oval with a microphone field that subtly juts into your mouth to enable them pick up your voice.

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The Jabra Elite 65 t won no design awards, no question, but we enjoyed the understated, mature look. The earbuds and charging case are all made of plastic but the headphones always manage to look like a premium product.

The earbuds themselves feature a nice soft contact plastic which even during extended periods makes them feel relaxed.  In the earbuds there are perforations to cause the multiple mics to pick up your voice for calls but also to encourage playing with your music outside of the loop. More, you can configure how much sound is available on Android and iOS to let in via Jabra’s device.

Speaking of, the app works well and lets you customize different presets for situations like commuting, relaxing, and others – though, one quirk on Android is that you’ll have to download a separate Jabra Service app in order to use the main Jabra Sound+ app.

When you question how the music can be handled, each earbud houses a specific set of controls. The left earbud features a volume adjustment rocker, and a long press allows you to skip or go to a preceding track. The right earbud houses a single button that, with a long press, will play / pause music, address request, and trigger your voice assistant. It also doubles with a long press as a power-button. All you’ll need to do to charge the headphones is put them back in the charging case, which is quite small and about the same size as the Apple AirPods case. It uses a microUSB charging port (which is irritating since most laptops and phones use USB-C today) and is surprisingly sluggish to do.

Battery life:

The battery life is completely fulfilling. The earbuds last on a charge for 5 hours-the same as the AirPods-and the case is suitable with two additional charges. I’ve never had a single instance of listening to something, popping out the earbuds and having them too exhausted to do the job. These devices don’t have the full-sized Bluetooth headphones ‘ 20-hour marathon pack, but when you’re constantly putting them back into the top-off bag, it barely matters day by day. The AirPods are still the strongest in the overall series, as the case can provide complete listening for more than 24 hours before you need to plug it in for a recharge. The Jabra event, which is frustrating, charges over Micro USB.

This involves, in the case of true wireless earbuds, keeping them set to a 75dB(SPL) level and running music on repeat for hours at a time until the battery is exhausted. You will read more about how we’re performing by clicking here but time hasn’t handled them so well in the case of the Jabra Elite 65 t. When the Jabra Elite 65 t came out first, they were best in class with a consistent runtime of just under six hours. While that’s still remarkable considering the average seems to be around 3-4 hours, after their initial release, they’ve been outdone. They are no longer the best in this division although still above average. Now there are alternatives such as the JLab Amazing Air Event, which get about 9 hoursof co-operation.

Noise Isolation:

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The silicone tips included (three sizes are provided) can provide a good level of noise insulation in your ear. I ended up buying some Follow Foam tips to get the workout absolutely drowned out of my environment and because when I am racing they rarely budge. But in all those cases I stick with the holistic guidelines. Jabra claims the Elite 65 t earbuds are certified water / dust immune to IP55, and the company offers a generous two-year guarantee against damage caused by them. I can assure you I sweat far more than the average human, and after a month’s exercises, they haven’t stopped or powered down yet. My only gripe is that after an hour or so I find the earbuds can get a little uncomfortable.

The Good thing:

On the bright side I love that you almost never have to do it again until you add them to your computer. Whenever I open the charging bag, and extract the earbuds, they immediately pair with my computer before I even get them in my amazing ear. The same is true in the case where I put them back. I don’t have to shut them off or do something else except getting them out of my ear and putting them back in the case where they can reconnect automatically. It is a little item that makes a big difference, just ask whoever uses AirPods. It is one of the highlights. These are also stronger since they also have built-in replay features than the AirPods.

he button on the right earbud pauses or plays music, and if you hold it down, you’ll activate your phones’ personal assistant like Siri or the Google Assistant. Now they also come with Alexa so if that’s your assistant of choice, you’re covered there too.

The Performance:

It is a joy to be using the Jabra Elite 65 t. When separated from the shell, the earbuds turn on immediately, which not all truly wireless earbuds do. Also the earbuds shut off when put back in the charging case-a huge advantage for people who fail to turn off devices when they’re finished with them.

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Wireless efficiency is excellent. The headphones were immediately connected to our ear, and never stuttered. You can use one earbud at a time, but note that the correct earbud serves as the master so you can use it when you want to make single earbud calls. And when you’re ready to go back to a stereo listening experience, take the left earbud out of the charging case and connect the two.

Likewise, sound quality is outstanding-balanced with as slightly warm turn. That means that bass has good effect and extension. Lows are rolled off so music rarely sounds harsh and while there is still a lot of detail to be found in the lows, the 65 t loses the sparkle and earphone quality like the RHA T20i.

There’s even more incentives for the riders. First of all, they filter out loads of external noise= but if you need it, you can use the software to enable the external mics to inject any additional audio to keep you conscious of your surroundings.  As far as battery life is concerned, the Jabra Elite 65 t is expected to last 5 hours on a charge but we managed to reach 5 hours a few times while listening.

The Premium 65 t earbuds aren’t for you, if you’re a basshead. It’s not fair to expect too much from these tiny drivers, but notes dropping below about 300Hz are hard to figure out at all. I’m really used to the rolling bass winding his way through the track throughout the album, but sometimes it drops out here. When it gets to the mids, things get a little easier, because that’s where voices live. Because of the lack of emphasis on the lower notes, instruments can be quickly picked and differentiated even if they lack clarity.

If you are searching for a favorable approach to frequencies you may search elsewhere. These are tailored for easy listening, with an over-emphasis on the low-end and a reduction of the tops, suppressing all but the light commonly found in genres such as classical and jazz. Conversely, they sound great for sparse sources of thumping hip-hop or droning EDM, or for podcasts that I’ve been listening to most of my time with just one bud in my ear. This versatility is why I love using things like this— when the one earbud goes dry you just switch it out and in the battery case you pick the drained one back up.


All things considered, the Jabra Elite 65t are one of the best truly wireless headphones you can buy today. They cost slightly more than the Apple Earpods but they also offer better sound quality, noise isolation and adjustable ambient noise when you want it. And if you don’t like the design of the odd, alien-looking AirPods, the mature, understated look of the 65t may be to your liking.

While the Jabra Elite 65t are easily one of the highest scoring true wireless headphones we’ve reviewed, there are a few others on the market worth considering: If you want a pair of exercise earbuds, there’s the Jabra Elite Sport which has a higher water resistance and handy sports-oriented features. For audiophiles who don’t mind stretching the budget, the active noise cancelling Sony WF-1000X are an excellent choice.

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