Kamikoto knives review

Kamikoto purchases Japanese-style knives and sells them in China and Japan. This knives cost far more than brands who hand-make their knives from high-quality steel.

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Kamikoto feels immense pleasure in collaborating with their ancestral expertise and concentrating on the manufacture of high-quality knives. They ensure that the goods they manufacture are of the highest grade of materials with very stringent quality management measure.

These beautiful knives are continuously fine-tuned by their craftsmen and constantly improves by their determination for excellence. Each knife would go through a 19 phase method until they are done.

Only a small number of master craftsmen is employed to forge Kamikoto knives. This is a financially rewarding offering.

And each knife is designed to be precise. There would be a different knife for cooking vegetables, while one form of knife is suitable for sushi preparations. It’s believed that the way you cut your food will have an effect on the taste of a specific dish!.

For a knife enthusiast or chef, a great knife reflects a knife that is of high-quality steel that can last a long time. They want a blade which is sharp, well-balanced, and robust. It would be very challenging to locate a brand that will be capable of assembling such reliable knives. If you are purchasing a knife that is made of German or Japanese steel then the Kamikoto Kanpeki knife will be a good bet. Kamikoto has a special attraction to home and professionals chefs. You no longer have to waste hours and hours sharpening your chef knife. Kamikoto is a popular company that manufactures high quality knives.

Kamikoto’s goods today have a strong popularity all around the world because of their high-quality Japanese stainless steel that last so long. Literally Kamikoto was a Chinese focused business that sold its wares as Japanese knives. This is a popular source of misunderstanding as goods are made by Japanese steel. Japan is renowned for its innovative methods to make blades and has a long history of making superb items.

Kamikoto will keep adding to the conventional steelmaking methodology and the major toolmaking industry of Japan. Due to the past of metalworking, the areas of Niigata and Kamikoto are also more excellent location for blacksmiths. Kamikoto appears to be a respected practice for them. Various methods, like Mokume-gane, are utilized to shape terms and frame scenes.

Kamikoto implies that knives are about expertise, history, and art. These knife manufacturers are beginning their businesses to win the confidence of knife enthusiasts and chefs for development of premium knives.

Should You Purchase Kamikoto Knives?

It completely depends on the goals, necessities, and budgets. Kamikoto knives are perhaps the most desirable chef’s knives available today. If you’re not more specific about the knife, knife makers price lists of ultraluxurious knives aren’t worth the paper their handles are written on.

And for those who are mainly concentrate on impressing people in the kitchen, Kamikoto knives can very well be worth a lot of money.

The truth is that expensive watches do not exactly sell for the MSRP. Every Kamikoto knife I studied has had a very deep background of periodic discounting. Knives are also used in incentive awarding systems because of their value. Basically, they would still overcharge and they have inflated rates.

When you locate a bargain of around 50% off the MSRP, these knives start getting more appealing. These are pretty good high-end knives, but I do not especially suggest the Kamikoto name. Chopping knives are also not as sharp as sharper knives, but they are best for chopping into meats (or more).

It’s worth remembering that online shopping revenues differ from seller to seller. There is no justification to assume that these knives would become easily accessible in the immediate (or distant) future. If you need a knife that fast, you know.

Japanese or Chinese made knives?

Before we look at specific knife reviews, we can read about the country of origin of a knife. These are Chinese knives crafted from Japanese material. Many people assume that the accuracy of the Chinese type kitchen knives is less than knives manufactured in Japan. Some people claim these blades use fake Niigata material (which is untrue).

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In Japan, people are not better at producing knives than people in China. Being manufactured in China, these knives are not any worse than any made in Japan. With regard to this knife, the nature and materials of this specific model decide its consistency.

Some people say that Kamikoto knives aren’t “proper” Japanese knives. This is alright. Although some Kamikoto knives are thicker and heavier than anticipated, they are still viable knives. The popular Japanese knife companies do not only produce the small, single-beveled blades.

The knives designed by Yoshihiro are all made in a Japanese way and are they are just about as Japanese as you can find. To me, this implies that there is nothing wrong with having a Kamikoto, even though it is distinctly drawn out like a western rifle.

Kamikoto knives are crafted from the finest grade Japanese steel from Niigata in Japan. Each Kamikoto is precision-balanced and balanced.

The blades are absolutely balanced with heavier blades on either end.

Ketayuri forge in Korea purifies and hardens stainless steel for 30 minutes at 1050 °C. This strengthens the steel and shortens the tip – to ensure the knife remains strong for a long period.

Kamikoto steel consistency

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The smoother the steel is, the longer the blade remains sharp; but it may become too fragile to maintain its point if overworked. Even with the Japanese utility knife brands, most Asian knives have a Rockwell level of 60-61. A smaller, harder-wearing blade is smoother but can crack and split if dropped on a rough surface. Asian knives must be hand washed, quickly cleaned, and treated gently. The strong steel transforms into stronger edge retention, but the steel is more porous and more difficult to sharpen. Do not use this Asian form cleaver for cleaving bones (use a heavy Asian meat cleaver instead.)

The German blades are thicker, smoother, not as strong, and has HRC of less than 58. They cut through tomato, cucumber, carrot without any problem. The softer the substance used to create the tip, the simpler to sharpen the knife, but the handle won’t keep its edge as well. Knives are extremely strong and can survive a pounding in the kitchen.

In this well-organised knife range, there is an 8.5-inch slicing knife, a 7-inch Nakiri vegetable knife, and a 5-inch utility knife. The overall appearance is elegant and appealing since the handles are finished with a satin coating.

By buying a Kanpeki kit, you’ll quickly and comfortably enjoy cooking in no time. This knives are crafted of robust steel and can maintain its sharpness for a prolonged period of time.

Kamikoto handles:

Kamikoto uses high-durability G-10 for all its knife handles– incorporated glass fibre render this material durable, unbreakable and impenetrable to water. Kamikoto knives should withstand the wet conditions and do not corrode. Resin coating keep the handles from being rust or oxidizing, do not shrink, chip or grow fragile, and do not soften with time.


With the three knives in the package, you are well prepared for any kitchen activities.

“The Nakiri knife”, while it appears like a meat cleaver, simply is not. You would actually destroy the sword if you would want to use it to hack through bone. If I need to cut through a thin bone, I use my usual chef’s knife. If I don’t need to cut through a bone, I could use a meat cleaver.

High-End Standard Japanese Kitchen Knife is a nice find.

The most critical thing to find when purchasing kitchen knives is using a high-carbon forged blade.

Kamikoto knives are crafted of high-quality material.

Their blades are more robust and can last for a long time, although they require sharpening regularly. This are more like tools from Shun or some other prestigious brand. With the Kamikoto, you can cut your vegetables really easily.


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When you use a semi-sharp knife, there are occasions that you have one thin skin-like coating at the bottom of the knife. With these blades, there is no danger of wounds and slashes due to their razor-sharp tips.

Time can say how fine the blades are. In certain instances, I do this with my inexpensive €5 knife. For Western weapons, you can need a whetstone (aka. water stone). And if you have mine, I would always let the experts handle it.

This collection of knives is much thicker than the conventional knives. It doesn’t weaken them while cutting meat (they always cut and slice excellently) but they don’t make the perfect blades for connoisseurs who truly love Japanese blades. You can notice that they are well balanced and easily handled, while they take up a reasonable amount of room when folded up. However, they can be folded down for portable storage.

Aesthetics is a good feature of this package. It possesses traditional-looking handles that are both decorated and aristocratic. You should confidently show the knives in the wooden box in your home or leave them out to be enjoyed by visitors. I’d consider using a magnetic knife holder so that you might show off the brands and the clean surface of each weapon.

Many high-end knives come shaving sharp. These knives are the same and while some users have stated that they thought they ought to re-profile the nakiri knife, the package is uniform. If you have some whetstones and spare time, this is a pretty simple procedure to complete. Other two knives have outstanding point and are extremely accurate.

This model might not be worth picking up at maximum MSRP. However, its competitive in the market when selling in the market. With high carbon steels, you will get excellent blades. Japanese knives are simple to care for, keep an edge for a long time, and work well as dining ware.


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How much would a knife need to be sharpened?

We can sharpen the kitchen knives at least once a year. We can be respected and praised more frequently because of this. In a term, using trucks for heavy hauling is even easier.

Does Kamikoto Knife sell knives for left-handed customers?

This was a really unfortunate event. This system can also be manufactured so it can be used to produce left-handed blades in the foreseeable future. Those consumers may also use their favorite fingers for these knives.

Do Kamikoto knives fit well in dishwasher?

These are better if done by hand and not in the dishwasher. Rubbing the knife against each other will harm and dent the knives.

What do you say by whether the knife is versatile or rigid?

The length listed is the length the knife is calibrated to.

What is the safest form of holding my Kamikoto knives?

In some way or another, knives can be kept. A suitable product to purchase will be magnetic knife case, Kamikoto knife block or under-the-cabinet storage device or a knife pocket. Get them kept by the brand to preserve them well.

Are Kamikoto Knives false or real?

This knives can be trusted since they are genuine and very accurate. It is not the responsibility of the company if the goods are robbed by counterfeiters since it is highly common. In order to shield consumer from theft, Kamikoto examined every product before dispatching.

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