Lean-Belly Breakthrough Review – Read this before buy it

Everyone in this world wants to look fit and handsome. We see many people struggling with their bodies and doing many efforts just to get in shape. If we talk about the young generation, it is comparatively easy for them to get a fit body than some aged person. When we cross the age mark of 40, we get busy in our life that we even forget about our health and body fitness.

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Today, we will talk about a product which can help you in getting fit and aims to slow down your aging process by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

The program we are talking about is Old School New Body which is specially created for those who are above 40 or who wants to get in better shape.

In this review, we will thoroughly discuss this program. By the end of this review, you will get an idea of what this program guide has to offer and how it can benefit you.

Here are some of the points we will cover in this review.

1. Introduction to the program.

2. About the Author.

3. Offerings of the program.

4. Advantages and Disadvantages.

5. Conclusion.

1. Introduction: Old School New Body is a program which is based on F4X workout. This program aims to help you in controlling your aging problems and provide you a muscular body through some exercises. This program has most of the exercises which are easy to perform and require fewer efforts. This program guide is divided into different sections to help you get the most benefits from this program.  We will discuss them briefly in the Program’s offerings section.

2. About the author: The effectiveness of the product depends on the person behind it and that’s why it is really important to know about the author of this product. Luckily, the author of this program, Steve is a fitness trainer who is also the chief editor for so many health and fitness magazines. The best thing about this author is that he is always realistic and doesn’t believe in immediate results. He believes in regular exercises and proper diet and that’s why he created this program to help those who are willing to spend some time and work hard.

3. Offerings of the program: This program offers F4X exercises and proper diet you can follow in order to get a fit and muscular body.

What is F4X Workout all about?

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F4X workout consists of 4 main exercises which can make your body fit in all the ways. No matter which variation you choose to exercise, you will have to take 3 sets of that variation.

These 4 exercises include:

1. Upright Row

2 Bent over Row

3. Inclined presses

4.  Squats

There are 3 workout routines for the F4X program:

1. Lean workout: This is the first and most basic workout. This workout is for those who are newbies and have lesser knowledge of workout activities. This routine contains all the exercises which will make you habitual of performing exercises and you can lose some body weight by following these exercises

2. Shape workout: After completing the first workout, you can perform a little bit heavier and intense exercises which will make your muscles stronger and your body muscles will start getting in shape. In this phase of exercising you will be doing regular exercising but will hit specific muscles most intensely to make your body look muscular.

3. Build workout: It will be the final phase of your workout where you will be doing the best exercises to pump up your muscles and stretch your skin. There are different sets available for different types of muscles. You can learn about all the different exercising in this phase as you will be ready to practice them.

By the end of this phase, you are supposed to get a fit and healthy body.

So these were some offerings of this program. Now, lets quickly discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of this program.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


1.Detailed Workout:  This guide provides a piece of detailed information regarding all the necessary exercises to get a healthy and fit body. Most of the guides provide information regarding different exercises but fails to illustrate them in such a way user can understand. This guide provides detailed information and all the illustrations of these exercises are very easy to understand.

2. Proper diet: This guide provides a proper diet for your workout. There are so many diets you can take to work on different muscles o your body. Most of the diets in this program are natural which can really help you in so many other ways.

3. Guide to prevent Injuries: This program offers a guide which helps you in preventing yourself from getting injured. there are so many exercises which have a risk of injury, this guide will give you all the precautions needed while practicing those exercises.

4. No gym required: Most of the exercises given in this program can be practiced at home. You will not need to hit the gym anytime you want to workout. This guide can save a really handsome amount of money this way.


1. Only available in E-books and videos: The disadvantage of buying this program is that it is only available in E-books. It can be really frustrating for those who are in the habit of reading physical books. you will always need an electronic device to access this program.

2. Lengthy: This program guide has so many background stories which doesn’t make much sense for the users.


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After considering all the things about this program, It looks like this program can help you a lot if you are willing to spend some time and stick to the guide. Considering all the advantages and disadvantages of this program, it can be said that you don’ have much to lose if in case this program doesn’t work for you. The way this guide provides a different diet for different phases, it really excites me as a reader to try this program guide.

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