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Mielle Organics introduced a new patented mix of spices, amino acids and minerals in 2014 with the development of the first Mielle Organics medicine, the Innovative Hair Solution, to promote safe hair , skin and nails and immune system. Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Cleansing Protein / Moisture Replenisher, Detangling Co-Wash, Moisturizing Avocado Hair Cream, Adult Safe Hair Solution and The White Peony Left In Conditioner, just to name a couple. Mielle Organics aims to develop a range of natural beauty items for all hair styles, with a clear focus on the use of sustainable ingredients as the “foundation to production.”

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Honey & Ginger Grooming Spray, Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner, Detangling Co-Wash, Pomegranate & Honey Coil Sculpting Custard, Pomegranate & Honey Twisting Soufflé and Pomegranate & Honey Moisturizing and Detangling Shampoo are all included in our Exploration Package.

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Often the concern that I have of shampoos is that while it can clean my hair it will rob it of its moisture and leave it smelling like straw, luckily this wasn’t the case of Mielle’s Detangling Shampoo. My hair and scalp felt safe, but some moisture was still added back into it, and the scent is like paradise to top it off! What will you wish for more?! A little goes a fair way with Mielle’s shampoo, so you won’t need a big glob; in terms of the sample sachets, I noticed that 2 were more than enough to clean my hair and get a better understanding of how well the formula performed. Moving on to the Detangling Co-Wash, I noticed this moisturizing to my hair as well, and again it left my hair feeling clean but moisturized as well (as you can assume from any good co-wash). Another thumbs me up!


I believe I might have discovered my current favorite conditioner with the Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner! So, to get an idea of whether the conditioner was better than an old faithful mine I did half my hair with Mielle’s Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner and the other half with a different brand; I was more than happily surprised to feel that Mielle ‘s deep conditioner offered me a better result (please bear in mind that I have a 4C kind of hair). The conditioner left my hair looking smooth, moisturized and making it very simple for the next day to operate on my hair and style; in reality my hair was incredibly soft over the week … I could actually get away with not locking my hair for a full 3 days. The conditioner (as with all their products) smells great.


It is more than fair to claim that Mielle Organics styling items have consistently offered me the most established twist outs (captured in the seen photo). I will suggest 100 percent their Honey & Ginger Styling Gel, Pomegranate & Honey Coil Sculpting Custard and Pomegranate & Honey Twisting Soufflé products for 4B-4C hair styles , especially those who struggle with the concept of styling. None of the items left my hair flaky or dirty, but please bear in mind that when it was damp or on clean dry hair, I twisted my hair.

The main themes with the items from Discover Box Mielle Organics are temperature, consistency and good smells.

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Mielle Organics is a burgeoning small business company that strives to help people of all textures and styles of hair develop tall, safe hair. With a emphasis on natural ingredients and a return to the roots of haircare, Mielle Organics aims at nourishing, improving and securing hair at each growth point.

The Mielle Organics range is comprised of the antioxidants Honey Dew Berry Detangling Co-Wash, Almond Leaf Oil, and Safe Hair Powder. I had the chance to try Co-Wash and Almond Mint Oil , respectively. How did those items match up against some of my favorite oils and cowashes? Check out below!


Everything good, everything normal. Of all styles of hair. Reinforce, lengthen, moisturise. Co-wash softly eliminates residue and preserves moisture without drying the scalp. Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil is better used for this.

Ingredient Collection (* = organic certified):

Distilled water (aqua), cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, stearalconium chloride, * extra virgin coconut oil, pure shea butter, * jojoba oil, herbal vitamin E (mixed tocopherals) milk, polyaminopropyl biguanide, silk amino acids, abyssinia milk, marula seed oil, potassium sorbate, herbal (phthalate-free) scent, citric acid.

Top 411 Ingredients

  • Cetyl & cetearyl alcohol: not to be mistaken with drying alcohols such as ethyl, called “fatty alcohols.” Cetearyl and cetyl alcohol are also lubricants, emollients, and thickeners. They offer a velvety feel to the conditioner without leaving the hair greasy. Often used to prevent ingredients from withdrawing from the formula.
  • Stearalkonium chloride: Positive salt extracted from plant fatty acids that attract and attach hair proteins. It increases luster, appearance, and has properties that are anti-static and decongestant.
  • Coconut oil: oil which is rich in saturated fats (which is why it is strong when cold). One of the few oils that are able to reach the hair shaft and properly moisturize hair. Coconut oil tends to dampen, secure and resist breakage.
  • Shea butter: emollient fat used in moisturizing and softening hair from East or West African shea nut tree nuts.
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The first thing I noticed, was the co-wash scent. How do you not put your sniffer in something labelled as a honey dew berry?! The scent is what I hoped it will be. Fruity and nice, with a touch of creamy berry. The fragrance is pleasant and properly developed — no overbearing artificial fumes for people with susceptible sniffers or allergies. The consistency is very thin and more lotion-like than I had anticipated. Co-washers are usually somewhat heavier. But it quickly scattered over my hands and my scalp! It was hydrating beautifully, dripping straight through my scalp. I wasn’t positive it would successfully clean my hair because of the quality but it did! My hair was amazingly smooth, fluffy, de-frizzed and without makeup after rinsing! The co-wash did a great job to bring my gunk up without shaving my scalp. It had a fairly decent slip — not enough to have my detangle fully on, but more likely enough to hold healthy and knot-free hair that was previously unused. Sweetheart!

Oil from mint almond:


The nourishing properties of this all natural scalp & hair oil product assist with locking in moisture to avoid breakage. Conditions of soya oil and it helps. Pleasant almond oil conditions, which tends to improve hair elasticity. Peppermint oil improves skin and assists improve breathing. Moisturizing components remove dryness, and provide a smooth, safe shine to your hair. Our Mint Almond oil is a favorite and it’s our second stage in encouraging good hair and development by focusing on the last two phases of the growth cycle by calming and rebalancing the scalp by circulation promotion. Protected Parabens.

List of ingredients: glycine soya oil, prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond), mentha piperita (peppermint) oil

Top 411 Ingredients

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  • Soybean oil: oil used to lubricate the hair and to nourish it, offering softness and brightness.
  • Healthy almond oil: smooths the hair cuticles, encourages the development and strength of the hair, increases shine.
  • Peppermint oil: mineral oil revitalizing the scalp and relaxing the follicles. Believed for promoting hair growth.


Confession time: My main essential oils are the peppermint. It not only looks great, and provides the skin with a soothing feeling, it’s actually one of the most inexpensive essential oils out there. So I realized I was in for something amazing when I opened the package that the Mint Almond Oil came in, and noticed the enticing scent of peppermint. Owing to the mix of soybean oil, the quality of the oil itself is a little thinner than plain sweet almond oil. The peppermint scent is certainly dominant but by no way overbearing. The oil has pure, thapeutic oils, and is completely free from silicone. For my hair and skin, the Mint Almond Oil made a perfect pre-poo spray, and also helped me get some quick detangling finished. It performed extremely well in my wash and go as an oil to seal for scalp treatment, and helped prevent my newly shaved ends from drying out and separating. Even better, the oil performed very good to help make my flat ironed curls shine! Speak about a multifunctional, all-around device.


There’s yet another custard-like substance I’ve been using up to now, and I like that one more than just because my curls were showing up! This custard is awesome notwithstanding my passion for the other food (I’ll tell you all in another post)! (What is grammar, right?!) The scent I love from the Leave-In Conditioner is evident in both Pomegranate & Honey goods. Not running this custard and blow off! Make so not. I discovered the hard way. Or for any time while you are using the custard plenty. The best thing is that the curls are determined by the manufacturer, and are bouncy and shiny. If I could wash my hair without harming my hair every day, I might do this twice a week!


Let me be truthful (like I aren’t already), I don’t really use this stuff. That’s for twist outs, braid outs, bantu twists, and hydration and moisture, according to the bottle. I don’t twist ins, braid ins, or bantu knots because I never have patience to practice how to do them well. (All beauty techniques don’t fit for everybody either. Listen to the hair!) Before I hear (somebody needs to come over to support a sister out), I can’t tell yes or no on if this formula fits great on my hair to braided or twisted designs. The other occasions I used the soufflé however, I noticed that less is better! Don’t slab on a lot and over time it’s getting flaky.


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What are the items you manufacture with?

The ingredients for any product were conveniently given on our website. Please visit www. MielleOrganics.com, click on the store, and if you click on a commodity, you can find a box below the product picture and consumer feedback on the right. Clicking on the ‘Ingredients’ tab can reveal the list of ingredients of the product.

How do I change my Mielle Organics hair care routine for fall / winter?

Our goods offer hair nourishment in all three development stages. We advocate maintaining the same routine all year long.

The things can expand my hair?

Our adult nutritional supplements and children’s gummies support safe indoor hair development while our hair care product range assists with moisture and length preservation.

How long does the supplements work?

On average 30-90 days but after a few weeks of taking supplements you will show effects.

Are the FDA certified vitamins?

Not drugs are licensed by the FDA. FDA allows only medications meant for prevention or recovery. The laboratory where Mielle Organics is developed is an institution authorized by the FDA to ensure consistency and protection.

Will adults take gummies from the Children?

Adults can take the hair formula for children, but, since children need different hair growth ingredients than adults do, they won’t have the same impact. Therefore our Innovative Hair Solution is made up both natural and renewable materials and is more delicate than other vitamins. This helps them to be smashed quickly to eat, since many of our consumers can’t take pills either.

 Can you use the Babassu Oil Conditioner and the Mint Conditioner as a conditioner?

No, we suggest that the Babassu Oil and Mint Deep Conditioner be rinsed out because it includes protein, and too much protein will harm your hair.

Is it necessary for children to follow the conventional line?

Our conventional food range should be used on children since it is produced with all safe and sustainable materials and has no toxic chemicals. Although our goods are both safe and healthy, though, we consider using limited doses on babies and children, as their scalps might be too susceptible to organic ingredients. This will encourage you to see how their skin would respond to the organic ingredients, if at all. The items involving mint in particular, since the mint appears to provide a tingling feeling on the scalp and may be painful for children and babies.

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