Opalescence Go Reviews

Opalescence Go allows whitening of teeth to a whole new stage. Unlike other whitening items, Opalescence uses UltraFit whitening gel-filled trays that maximize teeth whitening (view on Amazon).

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It’s really popular to wish for whiter teeth. Whiter teeth will help improve morale and build a youthful appearance.

But specialist teeth whitening can be both pricey and time-consuming. Home substitutes (such as whitening strips) are readily available, but there is no universal norm due to lack of safety legislation. Because of this, there are many goods that are actually useless on the market.

This analysis discusses everything you need to know about the items from Opalescence Go, and whether they really work.

No matter how much you embellish your face if your teeth are not properly clean and white, you would be lacking in faith. Do you think in the same way? I’m still fascinated with pearly white teeth, the target for a caffeine addict is sort of unrealistic anyway. Hence the need for a teeth whitening device which is simple to use. I had to test the Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening 10-day package earlier this month [10 per cent hydrogen peroxide].

Opalescence Go is the competent alternative to the choices for over-the-counter whitening. To start a whitening procedure or to whiten touch-ups, it is a quick , easy, and great-tasting process. With no experiences or needed design trays, Opalescence Go is ready to use right out of the box! Opalescence tooth whitening gel contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride) which helps to preserve enamel protection during the phase of whitening.

Opalescence Go is also accessible at a level of 15 per cent. Opalescence Go is a method of dentist-controlled, dentist-supervised, take-home bleaching, dispensed in preloaded disposable trays. It is a high viscosity, clear-flavored, elastic, 6 percent hydrogen peroxide gel of potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride.


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Designed particularly at people with good gum tissue. Irritation of the gum tissue may arise if used in persons with periodontal disorder. This device is NOT for use at night (over night). Some areas of your teeth can sometimes bleach faster or less uniformly than others. If eaten immediately after bleaching, acidic foods / juices may induce irritation. Do not use nicotine or feed while bleaching. Not meant for use by women who are pregnant. Freeze no. Do not drink or lift oil. To ensure shelf-life, the products should be refrigerated.

No question, the Opalescence Go Teeth Whitening Kit is a nice, compact and user friendly device. Not everyone can afford a daily teeth whitening substance so in that context, Opalescence Go has shielded you. In comparison, going to a dentist is really costly when this package is doing the job with ease.

5 Important items to understand about Opalescence Go

There are a number of important points that you should be mindful of before we move into the main aspects of the Opalescence Go set. Opalescence Go is a whitening method made of trays for whitening. These trays contain the whitening spray, which is distributed in two major variants: 10% and 15%. Both this indicates that the trays of 15 per cent are smoother and spend fewer time stuck to the teeth.

1.) Is Opalescence Go Working?

With amazing reviews on Amazon, it’s obvious that products from Opalescence Go are good. While they bind closely to whitening stripes on your teeth, they are really somewhat distinct (see details).

— package comes with 2 tray sets: one for the upper teeth, and one for the lower teeth. These trays are like lightweight mouthguards, which carry a whitening substance that breaks down the teeth’s discolored molecules.

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Since the gel remains in contact with the tooth over an extended amount of time, the bleaching agent may seep straight through the tooth ‘s heart. This results in whitening from the inside out rather than just a shallow whitening offered by items such as blanching toothpastes.

Their proprietary UltraFit technology ensures they fit easily and snugly, and respond to your distinctive smile. This allows for optimum results achieve greater visibility.

2.) Is Opalescence Healthy Going?

In Opalescence Go the active component is carbamide peroxide. This breaks down into urea and, most specifically, hydrogen peroxide and is also used in certain gels used by dentists for whitening. Numerous tests have demonstrated that the hydrogen peroxide is both healthy and efficient when used correctly.

The only possible side effects reported are damage to the dents and discomfort to the gum. But Opalescence Go also includes potassium nitrate as well as fluoride, which tends to tackle toxicity.

3.) How easily do you anticipate results?

How fast effects you’ll see vary from person to individual. After their first tray session some customers mention noticing a difference; other customers do not show results after a few days have passed. You should be able to note, following five straight days of training, that the teeth appear significantly better. Wear the trays for ten straight days, with a total operation. Of instance, how easily you can predict outcomes still depends on proper use.

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Extended for and against:

The period for each session ranges from 15-60 minutes, based on the opalescence Go variant you have. This is a very common time period for home whitening goods, with the shorter side being 15 minutes. The price for home kits is again reasonably reasonable and slightly lower than the typical professional whitening package and can probably cost more than $500.

The variety of the Opalescence Go is supplied in a one-size-fits-all tray, which may be annoying if you have an unusually tiny or wide mouth. The UltraFit model, however, ensures that this one style can be suitable for most citizens.

The package comes with a whitening treatment worth 10 days (10 pairs of disposable whitening trays in individually sealed packs) and a leaflet for instruction / information. When not in service the individually wrapped packets can be placed in the refrigerator. Take a packet out before use, then keep at room temperature. When you’re ready (don’t suggest you need to brush your teeth before use, but I brush just in case), lift the seal, detach the tray (no different green and white tray) and put the tray on the upper or lower teeth row (U for Upper, L for Lower). The trays are preloaded with blanking gel so don’t want to damage them. When the tray is filled, suck softly into the tray for a strong adhesion and the gel can disperse. When it is in, gently extract the green tray and add the white tray. Through lighting pressing the trays, you will help the gel disperse (do not fret, the gel won’t overflow). Allow 60-90 minutes. To get rid of the sticky product, wipe until the period is finished and clean your teeth as usual. Opalescence Go is available in two main variants: 10% and 15%. The main distinction between the two is the amount (active whitening agent) of hydrogen peroxide in the bottle. This basically means that the 10 percent (30-60 mins total) can be kept on for longer than the 15 percent (15-20 mins total).

You are offered the choice of either mint or melon flavored kits while buying your Opalescence Go. That clearly affects your mouth’s flavor, and doesn’t influence how successful the trays are.

If you are searching for something simple and convenient, Opalescence Go is a neat little whitening device. Weighing in on both the better and cheaper side edge of home sets, Opalescence Go fine for anyone with little expenditure needing whiter teeth.

My teeth after each operation with the edges 1-2 shades whiter than the rest of my teeth are whiter overall. That appears to disappear after a few hours, though, so you won’t have white-rimmed teeth left behind. I’m a tea drinker so I think it stains my teeth, but the procedure eventually whitens, even after 10 procedures it was very tough for me to show significant results.


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Will it need to cool down?

The vendor does request that the substance be refrigerated but it is not mandatory. Many people would think that it’ll be completely acceptable to only let the Opalescence Go out at room temperature. However, if you are in an especially warm environment, attention should be given to it.

Can this package work with braces?

The trays should go over braces so you can contact the orthodontist before using if you are contemplating buying Opalescence Go. It is necessary to remember that the surface of the tooth under the braces would not be changed, but when the braces are withdrawn a color difference would occur.

Does it damage my teeth?

If the trays are used for the right duration, the additives in the Opalescence Go do not damage the teeth. It’s better to contact the dentist if you are worried.

Is gluten-free?

It is completely gluten free.

What does that say by percentages? Was one per cent more than the other?

The percentages indicate clearly the amount of peroxide in the drink. A greater proportion implies more peroxide.

A certain percentage is no greater than the other, so if you have delicate teeth, higher percentages can be used with care and can be kept on the teeth for less time than lower-percentage gels. If in question, review your pack ‘s directions – they can give you a clear understanding of how long to leave the trays on for.

Is the gel used in the trays, or do I purchase it separately?

The trays come with gel ready-filled, so you don’t have to think about the different components.

Can I use those in the morning or in the evening?

At every stage of the day you can use Opalescence Go trays, as long as you have 20 minutes or so to spare.

If you already have especially sensitive teeth, though, you may want to continue to use them at night. This is how the reaction is rendered greater by the ingestion of hot or cold items such as tea or ice cream. Using them before bed helps the discomfort of food and drinking to subside.

Will it render my teeth weak?

If the trays are used for the right duration, the additives in the Opalescence Go do not damage the teeth. It’s better to contact the dentist if you are worried.

May I use crowns to it?

Opalescence Go does not impact crowns, so this shouldn’t be a concern if you’re worried about injury. The bleach will, however, be unsuccessful on crowns and result in a mismatch of colour. While in question, contact the dentist first.

Is the gel going to be lumpy after I have extracted the trays?

When you remove the trays you can notice excess gel in your mouth. This isn’t new, and this is normal to be lumpy and strange to eat. Only spit it out and rinse your mouth if possible.

Would my gums be turning white too?

If the gel touches your gums for long periods of time you can feel some region whitening. This can last just for a brief amount of time, and is not anything to think about. If the white isn’t going, it’s better to visit the dentist.

Will you at the same time have upper and lower teeth?

Yeah you should! This is the least time-wasting way to blanch your teeth. The trays sit easily on your teeth, due to the UltraFit technology. That means it should not be awkward or complicated to have two trays on at once.

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