Panasonic Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men Panasonic ES8243A – The Ultimate Review

Panasonic Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men

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Panasonic is an electronics manufacturing brand that operated under the umbrella of a Japanese company, Panasonic Corporation. Their products span from a variety of domestic appliances and self-care tools such as the plasma TVs and DVDs, Bl-ray players, an impressive line of vacuum cleaners, telephones and answering machines, etc. The Panasonic brand are also very popular in photography with a good eye for digital cameras and camcorders. Recently, there has been a new buzz about their newest product in the line of cordless electrical shavers- The Panasonic ES8243A.

The internet is going viral with testimonies and recommendations about the amazing work of this shave. Although the ES8243A personal care product is designed strictly for men, there are other editions for the feminine touch, like the rechargeable Panasonic ESS2207P shaver which gives a clean and even trim. However, in this article, we will focus on the ES8243A Electric Razor for men. We will highlight the features that makes it so great and why it is definitely a keeper in your personal hygiene toolbox.

Feature Overview

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  • Special 30-degree Nano-tech blades that gives smooth and precise shave.
  • Stainless -Steel and Ultra-thin Arc4 foil
  • Precisely 13,000 cuts in a minute with a capacity that doesn’t wear out.
  • 4-blade system over common 3-blade system of other shaver brand- the 4-blade is an advanced mechanism
  • Clear/visible LCD (10 stages) to display razor status

A distinctive feature of this tool is the mechanism where each of its blades (being 4) are independently fashioned to move with a separate degree of sharpness; hence the user can apply little effort to achieving an excellent finishing. No wonder there are endless praises about this ground breaking product. Its linear motor feature enables a faster cut than the regular electric shaver. It makes the overall experience more soothing with smoother cleaner cut. It runs on a speed of 13,000 CPM, great if you are in a hurry to get flawless result. Its Multi-arc foil feature smartly navigates through the contour of the user’s face to reach a maximum and complete coverage- very handy for the difficult-to-reach regions. This electronic razor serves as both a shaver and a trimer. By adjusting the blade of the shaver with critical precisions, it retains the ability to groom the sideburns and mustache. The ultra-thin 30-degree nano-tech blades has proven to make the shaving process significantly safe, simply and comfortable. This device will assist in achieving the closest possible shave and will retrain the user from unnecessary tugging and pulling. The flexibility of its head which is able to pivot at rotary direction, will maintain a healthy posture which doesn’t allow extreme shifting and tilting of the neck- such acts from other razors without this feature can be very discomforting.

The Panasonic ES8243A Arc 4 Razor is applicable to both dry and wet performance.  It can be used under the shower with a favorite gel/shaving cream. The indicator (LCD feature), notifies the user when the battery is low and needs to be recharged which takes 10 stages- that’s a lot of warning. After the last bar, the electronic razor shifts power into hibernation (hence it doesn’t completely run out of power and will quickly recharge unlike the conventional electronic razors that takes time to recharge after the power supply has completely ran out). 1 hour of power charge will result to 45 minutes of uninterrupted cordless performance with static speed. Not to mention that this model has a power pack that is compatible with every standard voltage supply: this means that the user has no worries home circuitry.

How-To Operate Panasonic ES8243A

The most recommended method to work the Panasonic Arc 4 electric razor is by pivoting it to move in a circular motion on the face area, as opposed to the regular straight up- down motion used in other conventional razors. The ES8243A shaver pack is inclusive with an electronic razor device, a power adopter, simplified user manual and a fine portable travel case. Although it doesn’t come with a replacement pack which has foils and brand-new blades, however, this are easily accessible for purchase at a remarkable cheap price.

This healthcare device is definitely recommended to every man who looking for a stress-free shaving time. Not to mention how mind soothing the shaving process gets the user and this can all be gotten at an affordable rate. Why spend your money on a bunch of fancy razor gadget when you can simply get the Panasonic ES8243A Ar4 which gives you the best shave possible?

Fun Facts About Panasonic Electric Shaver Series

The founder of the Panasonic brand, originally paved the way to innovation after the release of bicycle lights which signifies the beginning of a never-ending line of electronics and self-care products. The history of the brand’s electric razor started in its national origin, japan, where locals referend to the shaver products as “The Nation’s brand” or “National”, although Panasonic retained it cooperate name while dealing with international customers/clients. However, in 2008, all shaver products by this particular brand were completely renamed under the Panasonic name; therefore, the pseudo name became void and out of use.

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A formidable-heavy-weight industrial game changer, Matsushita, began the production of shavers in 1953 in partnership with the Philips corporation. A notable collaboration between Matshushita (Panasonic) and Philip was the project, code Philishave Rotary ES-77 in pure white. It was made in the year 1965. It was a successful release that broke the record of highest shaver’s brand sales in the early period of 1970.This relationship between the two brands didn’t last long, and eventually, Matsushita went solo and continued to manufacture shavers.The year 1962 marked a significant time for Panasonic, formally called Matsushita, when the company scouted globally for a design team, irrespective of having an inhouse designer. The CEO explained that new ideas/innovation from the youth, was highly beneficial to the shaver product. His suspicious proved right. The shaver series became the most sort after around the world which attracted the wits of loyal followers that are glued to Panasonic products. Inevitably, this value became a foundational motor of all Panasonic products (i.e creativity/innovation).

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