Pixi Overnight Glow Serum Review

By Petra Cosmetics you may have come across Pixi. Cruelty-free, organic, and full of hard-working make-up basics at incredibly decent costs, the range is a powerhouse of global make-up bags. But have you tested the skincare range of Pixi properly? If not, we’ve got news: It’s amazing next-level, particularly if you’re at the peak of your agenda with radiant skin that glows without highlighters layers.

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If you’re an obsessed skincare, you’ve definitely even learned of the best selling in the Pixi skin range: Glow Tonic. She is a strong favourite of fashion editors and writers, and is frequently seen on A-listers shelfies. Although as good as Glow Tonic is (and really is), the skin-perfecting toner is only the tip of the iceberg. There are admirable items in every genre, from cleaners and masks to the skin oils and essences.

Everything based on getting — and, most importantly, maintaining — that shine, glycolic acid is the primary ingredient in many of Pixi goods. Glycolic acid is a soft AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid), an important ingredient that tends to exfoliate and refresh the top layer of the skin, removing dead skin cells to allow room for a fresher, cleaner, more vibrant complexion. It also helps to battle lines by growing the development of collagen, and the higher cell regeneration decreases hyper-pigmentation like dark shading.

However, if you’re new to peeling and exfoliating acids, don’t be afraid; the beauty is that Pixi basics (such as Glow Tonic) act as a gentle introduction to AHAs, you can slip into your routine with add-on items (see Glow Peel Pads below), until you’re ready to advance. The only thing to note is that utilizing acids will render the skin more vulnerable to sun damage, so make sure that a strong SPF is a part of your everyday diet as well. Let’s pass on to the Pixi skincare goods that we can’t get enough of.

Pixi Overnight Glow is the miracle-exfoliating guy who operates overnight to get rid of the dead skin cells. Your skin looks so smooth and radiant as you wake up in the morning-like you ‘ve had a shower or something. I don’t have to brush away at my nose’s contours because there’s none there-a huge time saver. Recently I featured it as something you can include in my makeup tips for brides article.


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Pixi Overnight Glow includes 10% glycolic acid and arginine-natural ingredients that can enhance the skin’s look. If you’ve used Pixi Glow Tonic, you’ll realize it has 5 percent glycolic acid in it. This helps to minimize flaky skin, which is awesome, so if you are like me on the wrong side of your 20s (oh wait, I turned 30 last year …), then it also helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles – a huge plus if you’re a Botox-phobe like me.

Anything this harsh-sounding shouldn’t make you face red in the morning and sore? None. The serum includes aloe vera, cucumber, and vitamins A , C, and E that soothe inflammation and nourish the skin.


Glow Serum Pixi Overnight is very simple to use. First scrub and polish the face, remove all the cosmetics and make sure the face is clear. It comes with a convenient dropper as in other nice stuff. Put 2-3 drops on your fingertips, then rub the muscle. Match with Humidifier.

Pixi insists that the serum exfoliates softly to expose a cleaner, more uniform skin tone. And in both ways I could use support so I figured it seemed like something that I might actually profit from doing. I love glycol acid (that’s why I love Glow Tonic) and it also includes 10% Glycolic, plus Aloe Vera, so it sounds like a WIN / WIN to me. I bought Target.com’s mine online for $24 along with some other products, and then only picked it up in shop. (So yeah I paid my own money for this product.)

See how it claims it helps minimize the presence of fine lines? Anything for me to do that is my new best buddy! I don’t think my lines are that severe yet, and I’m worried that I’m living in the state of the harshest sun rays so I’m going to be tired and wrinkled in no time at all. (If you’re curious, I’m using sunscreen every single day) I’m only trying to do everything I can to help minimize the appearance of my little lines and I appreciate this formula for that reason so much. After I do my skin care regimen for the night, I apply this to my skin right after my toner or Glow Tonic has dried up completely. It has a soft silky feeling, so I just love to put it on my face, but when you first add it, it feels sort of sticky. But it dries easily and then doesn’t have the oily feel to it anymore.


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The ingredients used in this substance are highly appealing and offer good results for every skin type. What I mean that if we use the substance as advised and consistently than the probably really good one. This are the strongest, widely anticipated items out there on the market. In general , people often save the commodity for future usage to be utilized in the specified timeframe, until it’s close to expiry and then they start finishing it, which is always a poor move. I wish I could use those things for a long time now. It’s been great outcomes out there since having this substance in my life and I am really inspired. The advertising and details of the goods are so enticing that it will inspire everyone. After purchasing this nice product, and knowing that money spent is worth it, I am very pleased with the best purchase. I’ll let my friends know about it and do my best to advise them on using the stuff. I am very attracted by people after using this formula, and look very healthy and new. We get wonderful goods at the really low price, which are properly accessible at every nearby supermarket.

We could not use something other than the Pixi Glow Tonic to launch this collection. A genuine celebrity purchase (more than 500,000 bottles are sold per year), this is the toner that has makeup editors and supermodels alike raving over its mysterious glow-enhancing properties. Free of oil and alcohol, the recipe is formulated for all skin types (including delicate skin), and includes 5% glycolic acid to slough away dead skin cells, plus aloe vera extract to relax and soothe. It’s nice to reduce pores, and hold pollution at bay.

After washing, quickly rub a tonic-soaked cotton pad across your skin; then cover with your cream, oil or moisturizer.

That oil is the one for skin that wants a treat. A wonderful mixture of botanicals, you’ll notice sweet almond, rosehip, jojoba, pomegranate and rose geranium oils in the combination that all function together to nourish skin while also improving elasticity to smooth lines and preserving it. But the true benefit of this oil is that it’s soft enough to use without clogging pores on all forms of skin. After washing and toning only rub a few drops into your face.

If you are an excessive exfoliation, you ought to try these. Every pad is filled with a glow-enhancing solution of 20 per cent glycolic acid, plus vitamins A, C , and E, salicylic acid and hazel witch. Which ensures a better cleanse in the short term, less breakouts and reduced pores, whilst the combined results would boost the overall quality of your skin for clearer radiance and more consistent skin tone. A touch of tingling is expected, but if you are new to peeling or have delicate skin, start gently with these and work up to more frequent use.


A formulated exfoliating gel that contributes overnight to expose a more balanced & radiant skintone.

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Exfoliate & soothe the skin with this healing cream, which helps to show a clearer complexion as you sleep.

Pixi Overnight Glow Serum was the first product I have ever used from the company. I was really happy to take advantage of this innovative and successful product that had a tremendous deal of positive feedback. The commodity comes with a glass nozzle dispenser, in an elegant green colored container. The serum has a dense consistency but spreads it uniformly across the face. Glycolic acids, a tiny alpha-hydroxy-acid that goes deep through the pores and sloughs away dead skin cells, are not absorbed too easily over the skin due to the strength and leaves behind an oily appearance but I did not see it as a drawback because they gave me an incredible outcome. It renews the dry teint of your skin in just minutes to expose dewy, beautiful beauty skin. As it helps remove the old cells, it helps stimulate the development of collagen, which ensures that in no time you can have plump skin.


I have been exploring the brand for three months and have to admit that since then, these have certainly been my skincare staples. Here are the three things you ‘d like to purchase now. This one has oat (my favor, obviously), provitamin A, linoleum acid and vitamins B1 , B2 and B6, rendering it one of the strongest ingredients to quench thirst for your face. Until I stumbled across this, I didn’t know how badly I wanted a mist – it’s great before making up, skin care or as a last move. I even put it in my fridge and pulled it out when my skin felt crazy dry or bogged down on that unusual, scorching day in the morning. It is so sweet, boys, it is something I can really suggest seriously!

Any time I use this cream at night, I wake up with a new, radiant skin the next morning. It gives instantly a really spectacular performance. Since they’re too pricey, I usually use them the night before anytime I need to get ready for a special event. It treats my dry and delicate skin overnight and brings a new and glamorous glow to it. It renders my dry skin gentle and smooth in any single application and gives a safe fresh glow. Although they are too costly, saving money on those powerful goods is absolutely worth the money invested!!


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Are the alcohols used in pixi products safe?

Most alcohols are healthy, but some appear to dry out the skin (like mine, for which I wrote here). This recipe includes 5 percent glycolic acid that sloughs off dead skin cells, has ginseng to boost circulation and aloe vera to soothe the pores. Basically, I have come to understand that there is every element in this recipe that makes you to shine completely, positively. The main disadvantage to the commodity is its scent. I’m from a super sensitive family, one that gets migraines from some strongly flower scent.

Are they water based?

It claims on Pixi ‘s website that the water-based serum containing glycerin, glycolic acid, fruit extracts and more can help exfoliate, hydrate when feeding your skin. I felt like quality, albeit oily (not my favorite), in the morning I actually found my skin cleaner and stronger. If you (and I don’t blame you) dislike sticky though, this might not work out.

What are the products formulated with?

• Formulated with 10% glycolic acid & arginine, it tends to reduce the presence of fine lines with time and remove the sun spots.

• Fortified with extracts of cucumber and aloe vera to relax the skin and nourish vitamins A, C & E;

Is it cruelty-free?

Yes, pixi products are cruelty-free. No animal testing is done.

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