Pixi Peel and Polish Review

Exfoliating is one of the greatest sensations of all time! It not only renders the skin’s exterior surface ultra smooth but also leaves the tissue fully rejuvenated beneath. While when it comes to exfoliators I may be a little picky and I have my favourites, I’m still open to trying different ones and you never know what awesome things you may discover. The Polish Pixi Peel & Resurfacing Focus is unlike anything I have ever done!

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This is what they term a radiance that exposes enzyme peel. It acts to exfoliate and clear the lactic acid and sugar cane extract, exposing cleaner , healthier skin for a healthy glow. It also includes extract from papaya fruit which loosens dead skin cells and improves the texture of the skin. This comes with 2.71 fl oz and $24 retails at Goal online at Pixi ‘s website.

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Peel and Polish say what pixi skin treat?

For cleaner , healthier skin, and a good looking shine, this radiance exposes enzyme peel resurfaces. Real fruit enzymes remove dead skin cells, exfoliate lactic acid softly, polish cellulose peels & sugar extracts, taking dullness away exposing clearer skin. Skilled care of salon peel, without leaving house. Suitable for all forms of skin. In species not checked. Protected Parabens.

Few details on Peel and Polish skintreats on pixi:


One tube comprises 80 ml, and here retails for €33.99. The green and blush tube signature performs really well to dispense just the correct volume of liquid and blends well with the rest of the line of pixi skintreats while placed on the shelf of the bathroom (admit it DOES count). However, it is fairly slim and heavy, so when handled, it appears to tip over and knock over a lot of other items in the process. Speak here from practice …


Cubber. That’s what it feels like to me, with a slight chemical brush of freshly cut cucumber. I confess that at first I didn’t pay any attention to the smell, but then I read online that people “heart it” and use the substance “in spite of the off-putting fragrance” so I sniffed. Before and after operation at various periods of the day-the smell never disturbed me.

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The coating, never spoken of even when there are smell issues, is what you might expect: a somewhat dusty, remarkably orange paste on the skin but not scratchy.

This formula is appropriate for all forms of skin, and can be used 2-3 days a week in the morning or night. It is advised that this take up to 2 minutes to settle on the surface. You should rub it on the face for 30 seconds before rinsing, if you like any additional exfoliation. I notice I only have to do that sometimes, maybe twice a week. Aside from the wonderful smell, one of my favorite aspects about this soap is how long it leaves my skin warm. For a period of 2 days most scrubs can leave my skin looking dry. This Pixi Peel & Polish brings me a 3-4 day feeling like that!

Main Advantages & INGREDIENTS

  • Lactic acid (6%) – A milder AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) that sloughs off dead skin cells, accelerates cell turnover and promotes cell regeneration. What you’ll get is essentially a lighter hue, as well as a cleaner , healthier face.
  • Papaya Fruit Extract – A protein-digestive enzyme that removes the ties that tie together the dead skin cells to maximize skin texture.
  • Cellulose Peels & Sugar Extracts – Tactile exfoliants that shine and take dullness away from the face.

I might term this a chemical exfoliant with additional enzymatic and physical peeling properties, rather than an enzymatic peel, although that may be only jargon. And it’s a fact that lactic acid is the second component on the list, suggesting that it plays a significant role in the formulation. The Papaya Fruit Extract contains the antioxidants, rendering it a successful peel even without the physical portion applied to it. Both are mixed with humectants, emollients and certain Citrus Fruit Extracts that may possibly be unpleasant, typically employed as fragrances.

How to use the Peel & Polish pixi skin treats?

If you want to add the cream to your face two or three times a week following the directions on the package, keep it on for two minutes and then rinse it off or gently scrub it off, whether you want an improved peeling result.

Since I’m not the greatest fan of actual exfoliants, I like to only rinse it off, although I wouldn’t really suggest using Peel and Polish three days a week and without the additional scrubbing. It is a strong peel, and even though lactic acid is more delicate than glycolic acid since the molecule is broader and does not penetrate as profoundly, it can usually work once a week.

Take the appropriate quantity of product according to the instructions and apply it to dry and clean face & neck. Put it on to make the enzymes work and rinse off for 2 minutes. Kindly rub face and neck in a circular motion for a more powerful polishing result with the aid of your fingertips.

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Peel & Polish ‘s recipe is very mild for anyone like me who has a strong background of powerful exfoliants. So I stretch the period to 5-7 minutes instead for keeping it on for 2 minutes and it gives me great performance.

Although the sugar granules shouldn’t be too hard, it feels like pricking my cheeks softly because I don’t rub my whole face when rinsing — I only do it really, really gently on my nose to get rid of the substance. This can be seen twice a week.

Only spread a quarter size sum over your face to use it, then wait about for five minutes. The five minute duration evidently allows the enzymes time to activate. ENZYME Enabled FOOD! I had a slight tingle, but nothing serious, but if you have delicate skin, you may want to do a patch test before smearing it over your forehead. I went over to the sink after my five minutes, add a little water, and scrubbed softly. I hope you should clean softly while applying it, if you prefer. It’s a grainier scrub but I did it with water as it helped remove the scrub and it looked a little bit more natural doing it like this. Apparently they use sugar extracts to clean the skin that is also on the products but it really looked more grainy and tougher than an average sugar scrub. Bear in mind that if you are susceptible to redness or allergic skin, this does not fit for you as it might seem suitable for drier skin but might be a little too intense and rough for sensitive skin types.

But after I applied, scrubbed, and rinsed, what happened? Ok, the findings are obvious first off. My duller skin looks luminous and beautifully shiny! I think I could see how flawless my skin felt, if I felt in my magnifying mirror. What comes next? My hydrating agent dissolved in my blood. My skin care only works really well and is so quickly absorbed. Since scrubbing with this, I felt like I was adding a soft moisturizer to my face, since it was so light and absorbed my face so quickly. Not to mention my skin has been feeling bouncy and touchy. My complexion seemed better the next morning and my beautiful mascara and lipstick worked too smoothly and without defects. When you operate on such a shiny surface the makeup ends up looking completely stupid. And one of the greatest aspects of all was the fact that after using it, he didn’t rob my skin or leave me warm and empty.


Pixi Peel & Polish is a gentle and efficient stay-at – home peel mixing chemical exfoliation (lactic acid) with physical scrubs (sugar extracts) and enzymatic action (papaya extracts) to give you a cleaner, renewed and radiant complexion.

It makes me cleaner and healthier skin any time I use the peel & polish but is it something I haven’t seen with other products? Hey listen to me.

I’ve used a few instant-fix exfoliators, some are more economical than Pixi and others aren’t, but all of them are very strong (with a heavy concentration of acids up to 32%) and not for all. And that’s why I see Peel & Polish as a more basic, potential-fit-all kind of product for those searching for a quick-fix for their skin.


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If you’re searching for an exfoliating mask that would immediately give you a smoother & clearer complexion than you certainly should try Pixi Peel & Polish. The company is ruthless and manufactures some beautiful skin care and beauty items. This product is a fast skin-fix which is not too powerful / strong and will work for almost all styles of skin.


  • No Cruelties
  • Sleek, simple to carry packaging
  • Gives cleaner & healthier skin
  • Making skin shinier
  • Superb mix of physical and chemical exfoliants
  • Nice for all skin types

Face exfoliates

Pixi Peel & Polish is a game that improves the way the skin is exfoliated. This one is not to be overlooked if you’ve got drier skin. Responsive consumers, but, be vigilant as it can be a really effective scrub! As for me, I am purchasing an ASAP case of this material. I mean the cleaner, lighter, healthier skin it offered me.

Pixi has fantastic skin care and this might just be my best I’ve used so far! I might suggest that this is a competition with the Rose Flash Balm, which is the ideal product to use during this procedure. If you see this in shops I really suggest that you try it. You won’t feel afraid!


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Can the Peel and Polish pixi measure up to their demands?

It is a gentle but powerful peel, comprising lactic acid, enzymes and a soft physical part. The only idea I could possibly disagree with is the “Good salon peel care without leaving home” – that relies heavily on the salon, and although I had previously performed delicate peels like this one, I have had far stronger ones.

About whom do I advise?

The pixi Peel and Polish is the best one for you if you choose periodic, more vigorous exfoliation sessions to regular, yet soft, goods. And if you choose lactic acid over glycolic acid, this one is one of the few that’s out on the market right now, but I do hope it’s a commodity that many will enjoy.

Pixi Peel and Skin Paint

If you suffer from acne (real acne, not intermittent breakouts) separately, I decided to use pixi Peel and Polish as it seems to be such a contentious subject in skincare forums / facebook groups / reddit posts.

In the first case, if you suffer from acne, recommend seeing a physician for any basic advice at least. And though (smooth!) exfoliation is one of the pillars of congested, acne-pronounced skin care , physical exfoliation can potentially render it worse. But I will prefer salicylic or mandelic acid over lactic acid even without using the physical exfoliation portion of the pixi peel and polishes.

For cleaner , healthier skin, and a good looking shine, this radiance exposes enzyme peel resurfaces. Real fruit enzymes remove dead skin cells, lactic acid exfoliates softly, cellulose peels and sugar extracts polishes, reducing sluggishness that exposes clearer skin.

If you suffer from acne, using the pixi Peel and Polish would definitely not make it any worse, but if the aim of your skin care routine is to cure your skin problem, I will suggest that you look for something else.

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