Shark Lift-Away does it worth your money?


As a smart house owner, you always love to keep your house neat and clean. Great. We appreciate you! Indeed beauty lies in cleanliness. Sometimes cleaning work takes a little bit longer time when you do it using your hands without any cleaning tools.

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Moreover, why are you reading this article? Are you looking for a good quality vacuum for cleaning your deep carpet and gentle bare floor? We understand you are a smart house owner, so you need it.

But is it easy to get the best vacuum cleaner for you among thousands of pieces of the running market? Maybe your answer is NOT. Right, you are! To find out the best vacuum cleaner of the market takes more research that kills your valuable time and consumes much energy.

Already you’ve searched a lot for the best one, but you couldn’t get what you desired before starting the search campaign, right? If yes, don’t worry!

Tell us one thing, how it would be if you get a high-quality vacuum of the market for you that will work, as you desired? It will be a present surprise for you!

Spending 29 hours on research, our vacuum expert team has chosen the best vacuum of today’s market that is already on a top-ranked position on Amazon. We’ve picked Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum as the best one for you!

Definitely, this shark lift away vacuum will meet your needs and clean your carpet, floor, and furniture with perfection.

It comes from Shark, which is a trustworthy brand of the market for manufacturing good quality vacuum products all across the world.

Considering customers demands, they are committed to providing the best products to their customers with high-quality.

So, you can keep faith in Shark to pick the right product for you. Now we’re going to share its story! So, read on.


The running users are so excited after using this vacuum. This shark lift away vacuum has lots of incredible pros. In our review, we’ve collected all for you! Take a look at them.

  • Versatile vacuum
  • Good-sized dust cup
  • It is a reliable vacuum
  • It’s not noisy like others
  • High-quality HEPA filtration
  • Prevents hard floor surfaces
  • The system can block allergens
  • It is more affordable than many others
  • Cleans pet hair off upholstery and stairs
  • Ensures satisfactory cleaning performance
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There is no end of expectation! No doubt this is a high-quality vacuum of the market. A few users have a little bit more demands where most of the users are satisfied with its outstanding benefits!

We mentioned these few things as cons for you. These are:

  • There is no control on the handle
  • The vacuum should have a LED headlight

We hope these issues will not make you unhappy while using it. But we need to make you clear about the good or bad, so we have shared.

You can’t wait for its incredible features, right? Now let’s discuss them!


Design: Awesome in design. Its innovative design includes in HEPA Filter, Pet tool, Lavender, and Anti-Allergy Seal (NV352). It is built with Anti-Allergen complete seal technology that makes the difference from others.

We are sure you will be a big fan of this vacuum when you start using this model. What about its suction release feature? It works great! So why not this one is the best fit for you?

Lightweight and Powerful: It’s a powerful cleaning tool. This vacuum is lightweight too! For this reason, it is easy to use on the floor. This model has excellent control for maneuvering when you want to use it to clean your room furniture.

At the same time, it works best on the gentle bare floor and Brushroll Shutoff Deep carpet. So, this vacuum will meet your needs and makes your room fresh from dust. It is only 12.5 lbs. So you can carry it wherever you go!

Performance; What about its performance? Good enough! You’ll impress when you see its performance on thin low-pile carpet, hardwood, and even thicker mid pile carpet. It can nicely clean pet hair, dust, sand, human hair from your carpet and floor.

You’ll give double thumbs up to this vacuum when you experience its outstanding functionality. So you can consider this one as the best vacuum for you!

Price: Best product at an affordable budget! It is not a high-priced vacuum, but it is higher than the price. All the incredible features and lots of advantages you’ll get in this Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum in your tight budget, isn’t it good for you?

It’s wise to grab the best product by spending less. You’re wise so you can consider before you choose another!

Attachments and Accessories

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It comes with four attachments! All will help you to clean different areas. Now let’s have a look at them.

  • Brush Tool
  • 5-inch crevice tool
  • 24-inch crevice tool
  • Pet hair power brush

This 24-inch crevice tool is fantastic to work! It can increase the extension wand using its two legs. For this reason, you can clean the ceiling areas! Don’t you like it?

Finally, what to expect from the Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352?

Because of its lifts away function, it will be double as a canister! It allows the users to separate canister from the floor base. You can clean stairs or upholstery at easy as it has unbelievable features.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 comes with two filters, a foam filter, and a HEPA filter. So give all cleaning responsibilities to them, and you take to relax!

What Running Users Say?

Almost all the running users say it is the best buy for them. To them, this is a great performer on the deep carpet and gentle bare floor. Suction? Most of the users say it is great. In case of deep carpet, the beater bar performs nicely!

Ashley from Amazon writes,

“It’s the best performer to pick up sand, dust, pet hair and all the dirty particles from the carpet fiber. I love it.”

Final Veredict

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Best buy depends on your best decision! You can purchase this Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352 if it meets your needs! Otherwise, think twice. But all the information is authentic what we shared in the write-up. So you can keep faith in our research!We can assist you with sharing the right information but the purchase decision you have to make. Maybe you’ve already taken the final purchase to choose the ultimate one.

Best luck to you!

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