Tanologist water review

If you’re keen on the thought of a golden glow, but the results of sun exposure outweigh that desire – many thanks , next sun-damaged, sagging skin – this self-tanning lotion is that the perfect solution. Well, technically it’s not only one solution, as self-tanning brand Tanologist offers a variety of various formulas, from water drops to tanning mousses. Skip the skin-damaging sun (or, heaven forbid, tanning booth!) and get your glow the safe way with the best self-tanning lotions, creams, sprays, mousses, wipes, and more guaranteed to give you a faux bronze that looks so real no one will believe it’s from a bottle.

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Each tanning product will offer you an upscale golden tan without all of the (terrifying) side effects of sun damage or a streaky tan! So, no matter your bronzing preference, you’ll be ready to find a product that suits your needs; whether you’re a self-tanning virgin or a die-hard tanner, don’t worry, we got you! Here’s the debrief on the Tanologist self-tanning collection:

This is a non-aerosol spray pump that won’t spray out also when not held upright. It dispenses an appropriate amount of product but you continue to need a tanning mitt to blend it out directly . This features a fresh, non-tropical scent and a traditional to but average DHA scent. Every sunless tanner will have a scent because it develops but this is often nothing horribly offensive. generally , i prefer the delivery method of drops vs. a water far better . These feel almost like the Isle of Paradise drops, perhaps a touch thinner consistency. When mixed with a body butter or moisturizer on the face, it’s easy to use .

We look and feel better with a tan but the sun is harmful and damaging to our skin. Getting that glow isn’t safe. That’s why over the years I’ve purchased and used self tanner lotions, wipes, foams and gels to urge that summer glow year round. I‘ve even went thus far on purchase a full spray tan machine and have a whole salon found out in my basement for salon look spray tanning. Recently, i’ll have found something better. Here may be a Tanologist Self Tan Water review and how-to.

This is very easy to use. One leg application takes but 1 minutes. A full body application takes about 2-3 min. it’s practically goof proof with no streaking or darker areas once you use a sunless tan mitt (I use this one here) and rub in circular motions evenly. No transfer (meaning it didn’t abrade on any of my clothes). The resulting color is natural with a true tan appearance (I used shade: Medium). are often layered (used for more consecutive days) for darker results. Is inexpensive. may be a vegan and organic product that leaves skin feeling hydrated. Says there’s no odor but I do detect a small odor but not near as strong because the spray tan machine products or other similar products I even have utilized in the past.

Chances are if you’re a daily self-tanner, you’ll be conversant in the stained sheets dilemma. It’s often the worth you buy a fake tan because of the guide color that’s added to assist you see where you’ve applied the merchandise . However, Tanologist products don’t have this coloring agent, plus they’ll offer you a glow up in as little as four hours so you don’t need to leave it on overnight. Even without the guide, achieving a streak-free final look was easier than ever.

The mousse also doesn’t have a green or orange tint, so we were ready to apply the merchandise , attend work with an instantaneous glow (enjoy the compliments), then rinse it off after work and luxuriate in a long-lasting tan. the opposite huge advantage of this was that it didn’t go patchy anywhere because the formula began to fade.

If you’re a first-time tanner, we’d definitely recommend this mousse, as it’s with great care easy to use – it blends into the skin quickly and simply and gave us a subtle sun-kissed tan. Although the directions say you don’t need a mitt, we’d recommend using one so you don’t find yourself with orange hands (plus it makes the method quicker). like most fake tans, this does have a small scent, but it’s nowhere near as potent as other fake tans.


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Make sure you exfoliate the day before you fake tan to make an ideal canvas for application. Moisturize any dry areas like your hands, knees, and elbows to stop the self-tan from settling into dry skin.

Use long, upward strokes to blend the tan seamlessly into the skin.

Remember the longer you allow your self-tan, the richer the tan will get.

When you take your first shower after application, don’t use body wash everywhere .

Tanning waters are the newest solution to form it big within the beauty biz. They’re basically an h20 glow up, providing a surge of moisture and a double gold . Again, as they don’t have a guide color, the mess factor of self-tanning is eradicated. The Tanologist Self-Tan Water is additionally infused with vitamin E and grapefruit extract, so it’s mega-hydrating. Plus, it’s non-comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores.

In total, there are four shade options; light, medium, and dark. As per usual, the longer you allow the tan on your skin, the darker it’ll be. To use, simply spray the water onto prepped skin and rub it in together with your hand or a mitt. Then rinse with warm water anywhere between 1-4 hours after application. This works great if you’re topping up an existing tan because it intensifies the colour . Thereupon said, if you’re new the planet of tanning, we’d persist with the mousse as it’s slightly easier and quicker to use.

We also incorporated the tanning drops into our beauty regime within the same way their founder Lottie Tomlinson does, and we’re obsessed – they’re so versatile and straightforward to use. The drops are perfect if you’re looking to urge a summer glow without committing to the complete fake tan experience. You’ll add them to your lotion, your face moisturizer or use them independently. We even added them to our foundation – just add two drops to your trusty-foundation and you’ll glow-up throughout the day. If you’re a first-time tanner, these are an excellent option because the results are gradual and basically foolproof.

The formula is enriched with botanicals to hydrate and soften the skin to reinforce the ultimate look. If you would like a deeper tan, they work rather well when combined with two or three drops of the Tanning Drops. Don’t forget to scrub your hands thoroughly afterward.

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If you’re trying to find a self spray product. Give this Tanologist Self Tan Water a try. It’s nearly as good as a salon spray without the smell, time and cost!

Do i like to recommend TANOLOGIST PRODUCTS?

I use sunless tanners to mainly take the sting off my legs, and since the Self Tan Water didn’t work on my lower legs, it didn’t really serve it’s main purpose on behalf of me . i will be able to probably still use it on my upper body, because the colour really was nice, but will use a special on for my legs and wouldn’t repurchase.

The Face + Body Drops were definitely better but because they’re only $9 but an identical product that i prefer far better , I wouldn’t repurchase them either. I like the clear format, fresh scent, availability at Target which Tanologist is vegan and cruelty free, but i feel there are better sunless tanners out there at this price point. I’m producing a blog post about the simplest sunless tanners to spotlight those that basically do excel altogether the aforementioned areas.

If you’re feeling risky and need to undertake one, I’d definitely choose the drops. That being said, I’d just get the Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Drops for $9 more. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my best sunless tanner post.

Designed to be mixed together with your skincare, makeup or bodycare, the drops are easy to use & 100% customisable. This versatile formulation is ideal for both newbies & experienced tanners. There are numerous ways to glow from only one bottle. The more drops you add = the darker your tan. Getting that vacay bronze has never been easier!

Available in 3 adaptable shades, choose yours supported your required end-result and reapply as often as you need:

  • Light Glow
  • Medium Tan
  • Dark Bronze
  • Using 2-12 drops, you’ll choose the extent of glow you wanna go.
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No colour guide means:

  • No blocked pores
  • No drying effect on the skin
  • No tan-transfer onto sheets or clothes

Formulated by Lottie to minimise the prospect of breakouts, these hardworking drops provides a glowing complexion with less stress. Using our Self-Tan Drops will brighten, soften and hydrate with our skin-saving trio of Pink Grapefruit, Goji Berry & Juniper. The non-comedogenic formula works together with your existing skincare, and may be used on both face & body.

WHY Tanologist is good

  • Can be used morning or night- you’re good to glow whenever!
  • More drops= deeper glow. You’re on top of things
  • Extend your vaycay glow by mixing with aftersun
  • Non-comedogenic means no clogged pores
  • Vegan & cruelty free


  • Keep your Self Tan Water within the fridge and use as a refreshing mist, I loved this in Ibiza
  • Use the Self Tan Water over makeup as a glowy finishing spray
  • Use the glisten on the skin to ascertain where you’ve applied, ensuring each area is completely saturated before blending thoroughly


  • Moisturise dry areas, like hands, elbows, knees & feet
  • Mist onto skin from head to toe, blending with a tanning mitt or hands
  • Shower off counting on your required end-result
  • Wash hands following application
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Is Tanologist suitable for sensitive skin?

Tanologist is noncomedogenic so should be suitable for sensitive skin but we’d recommend completing a skin test before application.

Is Tanologist good for first timers?

Our products are all easy and hassle-free to use so are perfect for first-time tanners. If you’re unsure what product would be best for you watch our tutorials to ascertain which looks best for you, if you continue to have questions you’ll contact us on social media or email us hello@tanologist.com.

Are Tanologist products suitable for dry skin?

If you’ve got dry skin we might recommend using our Gradual Tan Lotion or Self-Tan Drops. The Gradual Tan Lotion are often used as your daily moisturiser to hydrate your skin and provides you a flawless, buildable glow or the Self-Tan Drops are often combined together with your daily moisturiser so you’ll simultaneously tan and hydrate your skin.

Can Tanologist be used with our regular moisturizer?

YES, the Self-Tan Drops were developed to be used alongside your existing skincare routine so are often used together with your usual moisturizer.

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Can we use Tanologist on face?

Yes, Tanologist is noncomedogenic which suggests it doesn’t clog your pores so all the products are safe to be used on the face.

Am I able to mix tanologist with my SPF?

We don’t recommend mixing Tanologist with SPF products because it could affect the standard of the sun protection. However, you’ll mix the products together with your aftersun as this is often a moisturiser based product.

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