The 5 Best Xbox One Keyboards and Mice

Microsoft has worked hard to make the Xbox One more than just a video game console. By emphasizing the Xbox One as a true multimedia machine integrating gaming, video streaming, web browsing and more, its only natural that the Xbox One would support a traditional input method like a keyboard and mouse. The idea of using a keyboard and mouse with a home console may seem bizarre to some, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Inputting text would be a lot easier, as would navigating the UI and menus.

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Microsoft is also currently pursuing crossplay that will enable Xbox One players to play competitive games online with PC users. Using a keyboard and mouse, players are usually perceived to have an unfair edge over someone utilizing a conventional device. And it just makes sense that for their Xbox One, Microsoft will allow players to use a keyboard and a mouse. While the Xbox One is basically a Windows computer, support for the keyboard and the mouse has been sluggish. That being mentioned, there are a few different approaches used for this.

The Xbox One is compatible with both the wireless and wired USB apps. Xbox One user will continue using a USB keyboard and the mouse by merely plugging them into the console’s free USB port. The Xbox One can know the machines instantly, which can be used immediately. Sadly the Xbox One can not support third-party Wireless keys and mice. Although Microsoft is more open to enabling owners of Xbox One to use a keyboard and mouse, usability still depends on the player. In most games and applications text feedback can be done through the keyboard; but, the same can not be said for the cursor.

Curiously, certain applications including the Edge web browser, which lend themselves to mouse navigation, have the functionality disabled. It requires users to monitor the on-screen joystick with the Xbox One controller which is frustrating and bulky. Hopefully Microsoft can solve the issue with a new Chromium-based Edge web browser on the horizon. The mouse and keyboard combination includes a special Xbox key that enables users to navigate the Xbox One Dashboard. In fact, the Razer Turret will offer adjustable Xbox illumination, as well as a mousepad that slips out from under the screen.

1.Chatpad for Xbox One, Lyyes Xbox One Keyboard Wireless Game Message 2.4Ghz Receiver Keypad for Xbox One Controller

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The Chatpad is a tiny keyboard that attaches to regular or Elite Xbox One controls, enabling you to enter text directly from the Xbox One or Windows 10 controls. It even acts as a Headphone Converter Stereo and also comes with a headphone Xbox Model. When you do a lot of coding in Xbox One games or applications, this is one feature that you would certainly want to take into account.  The Chatpad is compatible with all consoles under Microsoft’s Xbox One series like the Elite Controller. It won’t operate with any established controllers from third parties-not even the fancy controllers of Razer Wildcat and Power A Fusion. That’s because third party controllers will not have data ports like the approved controllers at present.

The Chatpad itself is a 5-1/8 “single-piece attachment (about half an inch smaller than the Nyko Style Pad). It links to the device via the data port on the device. When attached, it will stay firmly in position, until the controller is tugged backward. However, as with intimate experiences, it may be challenging to communicate first. But with the connector promising to be perfectly lined up, it nevertheless took me for the first time a few minutes to completely attach. I guess we all know how things are headed.

The Chatpad keyboard features 51 buttons, 44 are devoted to texting and seven are devoted to other tasks. Everything but four keys have distinct convex form, rendering them simple to locate by touch. Like other machine keyboards do, the F and J keys often feature a slight boost to help in placement. Pressing each key allows every key to light up the gray, black, and orange parts. Just to the left of Z is the Shift key, again much as on a normal keyboard. Although the Nyko Type Pad has just one Caps Lock key (it uses Shift for non-capitalization purposes), the Shift key operates much as you might imagine. Click it once and take advantage of the next single character you choose.

2.Xbox One Chatpad + Chat Headset (plugs directly into Chatpad)

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Out of the package, Microsoft’s overall chatpad architecture isn’t that impressive, but it functions flawlessly. Featuring the same paint scheme and style as other Xbox devices, the look and sound of stock controllers blends very well. This seamless design looks better than many alternatives from third parties who use cheaper plastics or different textures. As far as we can tell, the chatpad is constructed from the same material as the approved controls, and if you mistakenly drop it, it’s still pretty sturdy. This chatpad is a bit more beefy than others, but worth it. It features a complete QWERTY keyboard which allows a breeze typing.

While the chatpad would be great for these features alone, one of our favorite things is that it also doubles as a stereo headset adapter for using 3.5mm headsets. Though all controllers since the summer of 2015 have come with a 3.5mm jack, the stereo adapter is still nice to have, since it gives you quick access to a range of handy controls. These chat controls have also made their way to the chatpad.

Another fun little function is the buttons X1 and X2 which attach two separate keys. There are nowhere else to be identified, rendering this official chatpad much nicer. The two keys have default configurations out of the box (X1 is for snapshots, X2 is for clips recording), but they can also be reshuffled for specific app purposes, such as automatically opening up the contact list. To the bottom, there are two buttons to adjust the game audio balance and talk audio balance. The right features two buttons for increasing or decreasing volume, with the mute key close by. This hotkeys are perfect for quick control when changes are required on the move.

3.Xbox One Battery Pack 2x2550mAh Rechargeable Battery for Xbox One/Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller (Battery&Charger Set, Green)

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Xbox One rechargeable battery packs are essential for a gamer like you. They deliver up to 30 hours of continuous gaming, and with some Xbox One rechargeable battery packs, you can even play while they charge.

You can also say goodbye to the endless expense of regular batteries. In fact, it’s so cost-effective to purchase Xbox One rechargeable battery packs, you can save at least $100 in the first year alone. Rechargeable battery packs come in two separate sizes. The initial, replaceable battery packs, comprise of a tiny shell or enclosure operated by a USB cable. You would need to detach the battery pack from your device to power these versions, then drop it into the shell for charging. Replaceable battery packs are for the most part more budget-friendly than the second model, called docking stations. In this design, you actually place the battery on the docking station, instead of taking the rechargeable batteries from your device. They’re great for gamers who like their Xbox controllers to maximize inventory, or who often need to charge more than one controller.

Xbox One rechargeable batteries are very handy and some versions perform better than those with controllers. Compatibility problems may emerge so play it carefully and test the battery pack specifications against your device. Another usability thing to look out is that the rechargeable battery packs are generally available and operate on all platforms and controls or are exclusive to Xbox One. Many users complain that universal models face more usability than specialized versions and fit issues.

4.NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Floating Keyboard, Quiet Ergonomic Water-Resistant Mechanical Feeling Keyboard, Ultra-Slim Rainbow LED Backlit Keyboard for Desktop, Computer, PC

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It’s over-engineered and designed to withstand a pounding, filled with features like heavy-duty aluminum, ABS insulation, and keycaps molded with double-shot injection. Ultra-thin suspended and interchangeable keycaps sound more relaxed, characters never disappear, longevity improved, and responsive input given. The key’s lifetime is more than 60 million years. To replace “M,” “S,” “A” and “D” with “Up,” “Down,” “Left” and “Back,” click the FN and “M” keys. Convenient for game service.

Arc keycap ergonomics, straight curves, giving you a sense of relaxation and anti-fatigue while you are playing or texting. 2 folding stands will keep your hands in a more relaxed typing position, improving your typing pace, precision, effectively relieving your finger exhaustion and maintaining relaxation for the entire day. Will offer you relaxed feeling of typing & steady contact pressing for the awesome experience of gaming. 104 keys US layout keyboard with the help of drain hole under the bottom, which can prevent damage from spilled drinks or coffee. NPET gaming keyboard with a metal base, which not easily deformed, to ensure product life. Also, the metal base supports enhanced weight designed to keep your keyboard in place for the better gaming experience.

Game keyboard success with a backlit mechanical feeling gives game players an extra dominating role and special competitiveness. A keyboard is a must-have device for someone who spends tons of hours typing every day to do office work. Thus NPET K10 membrane keypads are built for player, office staff, copywriter, author, instructor texting, and editors.

5.Whiteoak Xbox One S Chatpad Mini Gaming Keyboard Wireless Chat Message KeyPad with Audio/Headset Jack for Xbox One Elite & Slim Game Controller Gamepad – 2.4GHz Receiver Included –White

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The Xbox One S arrived from the initial Xbox One three years ago, delivering a lighter, simpler, higher-quality gaming system that reveals what the latest generation of consoles can achieve. For those who like the Xbox control without the Xbox One X price tag, it’s now the de facto Xbox program. While a little bit of us was sorry to see the first Xbox One disappear into the sunset, the Xbox One S offered a number of new improvements, making the transition from HD to Ultra HD (aka 4 K) and taking up much less shelf space too.

Not to mention the expanded support for Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant, which helps you to monitor strength, volume and playback functionality from Alexa devices linked to it. Although Microsoft has released the Xbox One X since–a more robust variant of the Xbox One that is capable of playing games in native 4 K resolution without an upscaling workaround–we still believe that the Xbox One S is the best overall option, if only because it’s substantially cheaper (and you just need a pretty large TV screen to note the 4 K anyway).

That is especially valid when you consider the price: $399 (£ 349/AU$549) for the 2 TB edition that went on sale for the first time in early August 2017, $349 (£ 299/AU$499) for the 1 TB variant, and $299 (£ 249/AU$399) for the 500 GB model that exists on most shelves. What’s more, by launching the Xbox One S All-Digital Version, a device without a disk tray that can only play downloadable games from the Xbox Live Shop, Microsoft has further simplified the console-and it’s about $50 cheaper than the Xbox One S regular.

However, it’s worth noting that Xbox Project Scarlett’s release is just around the corner, bringing Xbox into the next generation and potentially making the Xbox One S a bit redundant when it comes to getting the most out of Xbox Scarlett’s games. If you’re a gamer reading this, you’re probably wondering how the Xbox One S stacks up against the PS4 Slim that was released around the same time.

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