The Beachwaver – Read this before buying it

Before you go to a party or somewhere else, what things kill your time much while taking a gorgeous get-up? Definitely, it’s your hair! At that time, you think what hairstyle makes you pretty good looking, aristocratic, or hot! Isn’t it?

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You want to get the hairstyle according to the needs of the environment where you want to go. Such random thoughts make you delay! Do you know why? You love your hair very much, so you cannot understand what to do.

You do enough things to take care of your hair than any other mundane works in your leisure time. Right? However, tell us one thing, why have you open this tab and interested in reading this article?

Maybe you are thinking about curling iron that will help you to curl your hair. For this reason, you are searching for the best hair curler in the market. Is this your intention of opening this tab? Great.

Maybe you don’t have enough time to search more so you are here to read the best hair curler review to know which one will be the best fit for you!

Spending 25 hours on research, we’ve found The Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron as the best hair curler for you. We hope it will meet your needs and help you to curl your hair according to your wish!

This beach waver is from Luxury Beauty, a trustworthy brand in the fashion world for manufacturing high-quality get-up products all across the globe. You’ll be a big fan of this item if you know its unbelievable features and outstanding benefits. No problem, we’ll let you know all.

Now we’re going to share what things we loved about this item when we were in the market. We hope, it will help you to do the final check-ups before you purchase yours. So, keep reading!

Things to love

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This curling iron has lots of things to love. In our research session, we’ve collected them all and written below in a row for you, so you can gather knowledge about them. So, let’s take a look!

  • Easy to use
  • Perfectly wavy
  • It is built with ceramic
  • This curling iron works great
  • Has slow/first rotation option
  • Holds $1 rotating curling iron
  • It has a digital temperature clock
  • Temperature varies from 290F to 410F
  • This model has Swivel cord 8’L; weighs 12.3 oz
  • Comes with dual rotation with the arrow button

Mild concern

We are honest to tell you we didn’t find any issues about this product in our research time, that the running users reported. During our research, we saw plenty of positive customer reviews on it. In the meantime, we saw in a few places, the same claim-

  • It is an expensive curling iron

You cannot tell it as a matter of concern! You’ll need to spend more if you want to get more quality! Don’t you think so?

However, now we’ll let you know its amusing features that will surely smile you. So, let’s go and take an eye on them!



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The curling iron is unique in design. It is built with ceramic metals. It is a powerful hair tool that provides easy and quality waves in minutes. The home button or the curling iron will help you to reset the clamp, and get it back to the start position.

Easy to use

As it looks pretty nice, this curling iron is easy to use. Maybe you have watched the videos on how to use it. Didn’t you watch the video? No problem. It is almost similar in quality and design when it is compared to expensive ones!

Automated everything

This curling iron works in an automatic process. Its S1’s home button fetches the clamp back to a ready position. Open the clamp and then secure near ends of hair.

Holding the arrow button, you can keep rotation continue. Want to release? Okay, do it stop. It takes 2-3 seconds. Then open the clamp and remove curl.


It is an essential part of a curling iron that helps to power curling irons. The cord length of each curling iron is not the same. Long cords are easy to use. The Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron has 8 feet long cord in length.

Because of its long length cord, it is easy to use around your head. Some curling irons are available that cord can swivel 360 degrees!


As it wins good reviews from its customer, so the testimonials will be positive. Testimonials are such proof that we collect for you to know as evidence.

We try to make you believe good things are good as well as bad things are bad. Our motto is to assist you in providing with the authentic information of the best product in the market.

Moreover, let’s see what the running users say about this curling iron.

Ohmargo (From Amazon) writes,

“I wanted to get TV start hair. I carved it. Tried everything to get it. But all ended in smoke. Then I thought my long, thick hair would remain straight forever. I tried it and fell in love. It worked for me.

After using it, my hair stays smooth, soft, and wavy. It looks just natural hair. I know it is a high priced product. But, I forget its price when I get a meaningful result. I highly recommend it.”

Michelle Michaels writes,

“I tried with others to curl my hair. I got no results. This is one of the best products that I have ever purchased. Now I curl my hair when I wish. It’s easy to use. I tried the Youtube channel to learn the process of using it. Now I can do it quickly. People near me always ask what I do to get these waves. Just I took 20 minutes to curl my hair. Highly recommend!”

Final Veredict

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Was the article convenient for you? Most probably, you have found it helpful for you! Why will you go wrong when you have the right information? You should not.

In our curling iron review, in the write-up, we have shared well-researched information so you can keep faith in it without any confusion.

We hope this Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron will be the best hair tool to curl your hair and then make you unique to the world!Good luck to you!

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