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Most probably, you are here to search for the best electronic toothbrush! If it is true, we assure that already you are in the right place at this moment. Maybe you have searched a lot for the best electronic toothbrush, but didn’t get the perfect one till now, right?

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Cool. Don’t worry anymore! We confess that it’s a tough task to find out the best electronic toothbrush among thousands of pieces of the running market. Considering your emotions, we have spent enough time on Amazon.

Yes, the purpose of our 26 hours research on Amazon was, to ensure you with the best quality electronic toothbrush to make you smile.

In the meantime, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve chosen the best electronic toothbrush for you after completing mega research. Now it’s time to see the toothbrush that we picked for you as the best one of the running market.

It’s Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush! It comes from Oral-B, one of the best traditional as well as well-known companies for manufacturing high-quality electronic toothbrushes all across the globe!

When we were in the market to collect the best electronic toothbrush for you, then Oral-B Pro 5000 has caught our attention with its peerless as well as eye-catching reviews. After that, we moved to it and saw it has a large number of positive customer reviews!

Then we didn’t delay anymore to choose it, because it was the best electronic toothbrush ever that the running users shared in their comments. Also, we saw this toothbrush already achieved the high-rank position on Amazon.

Watching its incredible as well as outstanding features, you’ll be a big fan of this toothbrush for sure. Also, this grand electronic toothbrush has an abundance of pros and eye-catching benefits. We’ll share everything that we got on our research!

Are you interested? Keep reading!

Pros & Cons

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No doubt Oral-B Pro 5000 Electric Toothbrush has lots of pros. On the contrary, we have found nothing as serious cons, but a few users were talking about some issues!

However, we’re honest to share with you all that we’ve gotten on our research time. We think you are interested in knowing what you get or what don’t after you purchase this item.

Better, you take a look at the positives first!

The positives

  • Bluetooth – You can connect it to your smartphone and see how well you are doing and then what you can do better to achieve your goals.
  • Pressure sensor – Its pressure sensor will help you when you need to brush hard. Also, it has a warning light that ensures you to reduce pressure when it is too hard. Overall, it encourages a better clean.
  • Timed clean – What a fantastic toothbrush! It has an audible and visual warning that helps you change the quadrant when it completes the 2-minute cycle.
  • 5 cleaning modes – Considering customer good dental health, Oral-B Pro 5000 offers five cleaning modes for its users. Every mode, daily clean to deep clean- works for a different purpose to achieve.
  • Battery life – It has ten days battery life that makes it different than any of Oral collections. It’s an ideal electronic toothbrush for its long-lasting battery life.
  • Storage compartment – It’s spacious, and can keep different heads secure and separated. This electronic toothbrush can hold up to 4 brush heads in its storage.
  • America Dental Association (ADA) approved – This toothbrush passed strict lab test, and meets ADA and American National Standards.

The negatives

  • Bluetooth – It’s great, but a few users claimed it’s hard to use.
  • Battery life – Some customers claimed its ten days battery life is weaker than Philips Sonicare brush that provides as much as three weeks of battery life.

Moreover, you have seen the positives and the negatives! What’s going on in your mind? We hope you don’t care about those light issues, because you’ve already fallen in love with this toothbrush. Aren’t you? Great!

Now let’s know its incredible features.


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The time has come to engage your eyes on Oral-B Pro 5000’s features. It has lots of astonishing features that makes its users satisfied and proud. Therefore, we’ve collected all the features and given them below for your better convenience. Take a look at them.


Pro 5000 is unique in design. It has an Oral-B app that trucks brushing habits and shows you inner pictures on your smartphone. It is designed by the world-class dentist for Floss Like Clean. This electronic toothbrush is built with visible pressure sensors that protect your dents from gums.

Cleaning modes

Oral-B Pro 5000 offers 5 unique cleaning modes. They are:

  1. Daily Clean
  2. Gum Care
  3. Sensitive
  4. Whitening
  5. Deep Clean

You can choose any cleaning mode according to your needs. A t first, press the power button to turn the brush ON, then press the function or cleaning mode button to go to the modes. Press and hold for a few seconds to turn it off.

You need to operate this brush according to these orders. You’ll find no icons that show you which mode is activated. If you want to go into Sensitive mode, turn the switch on.

After that, press the function button twice. Keep in mind that a standard brushing cycle will take two minutes but cleaning mode like whitening or deep clean will take time.


Oral-B Pro 5000 has a NiMH battery that ensures a long lusting charge. It takes up to 24 hours to do a full charge. After charging the brush once, you are free from charging worries at least ten days!

So, it’s good news for you if you love traveling. You can use it two times a day in its 40 minutes usage time. There is a battery icon that gives a signal about its battery power.

Attachment and Accessories

Can’t wait anymore? Hold on a second, and let us share what would be waiting for you when you unbox your loving electronic toothbrush packet. You’ll get-

  1. Battery Charger
  2. Plastic Travel Case
  3. Instruction Manual
  4. Oral-B Pro 5000 Handle
  5. Brush Head Storage Case
  6. Oral-B CrossAction Toothbrush Head

Final Veredict

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Have you enjoyed the true story of the Oral-B Pro 500? Most probably, you have read carefully above the information and then been highly pleased! Our purpose was to assist you with the best product in the market.

For this reason, we’ve given a long time on research and then we have come out with Oral-B Pro 5000. We hope you are thinking about the Oral-B Pro 5000 SmartSeries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush to purchase as the best choice of you!Have a nice time with your beloved electronic toothbrush!

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