Top 10 Best Chromebooks

It is never a bad thing for you to buy the best Chromebooks in the market at an affordable price. In the era of the internet, people have seen that Chromebooks are now becoming more popular. The latest version of the technology is sweeping fast in the design of most Chromebooks to help people perform their basic computing tasks. Chromebooks come with a gamut of features such as lightweight, long battery life, and much more.

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Apart from purchasing a Chromebook based on the product’s specs and features, it must also satisfy your immediate needs. It is crucial to know that a Chromebook can offer users a top-quality display, high-performance, portability, and excellent battery life. Keep reading this review to help you purchase your dream Chromebook.

How To Select The Best Chromebooks In 2020:

The browser is where most people perform their computing tasks. With the help of a browser, it is possible today to recreate most applications. It means that using Chromebooks with a cloud-orientation feature stands a better chance of providing the best result. Another improvement from 2020 Chromebooks is the advancement deduced from errors Windows laptops displayed.

For instance, longer battery life, folding as a tablet, and premium internal features are some of the latest advancements of Chromebooks in 2020. The availability of Android support for applications is perhaps one of the biggest developments of the latest Chromebooks. Performance, battery life, and configurations are some of the basic factors to consider when selecting the best Chromebooks of 2020.

Memory – Memory plays an excellent part when selecting your dream Chromebook. Chromebooks with bigger and better memory end up improving the performance of your computing task. While four GB is a good memory specification for some Chromebooks, going for higher options such as 8 or 16 GB can also help boost better performance. The RAM of the Chromebook you select will also determine the storage and performance quality of your work.

Processor – Like memory, the processor of a Chromebook remains the powerhouse to all the functionality of the device. Chromebooks with lower processors may not be able to perform your computing tasks in a short period. On this note, you may encounter some frustrations while carrying out certain computing tasks. Ensure to select a product that faster and better processor for optimum results.

1. 11.6″ Lenovo Chromebook For 2019 – B07D5TF3Q1:

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In the height of the search for Chromebooks, Lenovo has been one of the most successful companies to unleash a miracle in the industry. The 11.6-inch Lenovo Chromebook for 2019 is the darling of the industry. With a quality resolution feature, the product can make the images on your screen captivating and adoring. To get wider viewing angles, the Lenovo Chromebook also operates with the IPS technology. When talking about energy efficiency, it is hard to kick away the Lenovo 11.6-inch Chromebook. The LED backlight is able to help you conserve more energy when using the product. With performance, you can count on the processor and memory of this product.

While there is no optical drive in the Lenovo 11.6-inch Chromebook, the 4GB LPDDR3 SDRAM can help to cover any shortage of storage. The wiring type of 802.11a/g/n/ac in the product will also help to boost connectivity to any user. The battery average life during functioning throughout the day can last for ten hours. Among some other features you get for purchasing this product is premium speaker, microphone, webcam, headphone, and much more. If you want one of the best reliable and functional Chromebooks in 2020, give the Lenovo 11.6-inch a try. 

2. 11.6” 2-In-1 C330 Lenovo Chromebook – B07GM2J11Q:

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The Lenovo C330 Chromebook is simpler, faster, and secure. The product will make you enjoy almost every feature that the lastest Chromebooks have. Its durable, stylish, and sleek design will help to captivate your attention at the first glance of the product. The 11.6-inch C330 Lenovo Chromebook is designed for maximum collaboration due to its seamless feature. In HD, users will discover the most popular multimedia that a Chromebook possesses. To view images faster and better, it also comes with a ten-point IPS touchscreen.

It implies that watching the latest streaming activity will not be difficult when using the product. When using the C330 Lenovo Chromebook, you always get the latest updates without any slowing down. The digital security of the product conforms to the latest technology in the market. With performance, you can count on the C330 to deliver according to your needs. Every 6 weeks, users will get the latest update with an internet connection. Another feature that helps to boost the security of the Lenovo C330 Chromebook is the inbuilt virus protection.

With an automatic availability of the most popular OS, users will get quick and reliable updates. In another sense, the product will perform the work of a tablet and at the same time a laptop. If your quest is for a lightweight and quick solution, the C330 Lenovo Chromebook remains one of the best options. Whether it is for professional tasks, streaming videos, taking notes, or sharing documents, the C330 is a darling to many users. With premium graphics, it is able to provide excellent processing in an ephemeral of time. The battery life for the day can last up to ten hours.

3. 11.6″ Third Series Samsung Chromebook – B07D4Z8FY7:

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Malware and virus attacks will lead to failure when using the 11.6-inch third series Samsung Chromebook due to its inbuilt security apparatus. By signing into your Google account, it is easy to use this Chromebook because there are no excessive load times or setups. Having the chrome operating system has been able to help this flagship Chromebook to stand the test of time. Users get a better result with the product due to the availability of automatic free updates. The battery can last for a space of eleven hours throughout the day. The availability of a water-resistant keyboard is another feature that keeps the 11.6-inch third series Samsung Chromebook ahead of most products in the market.

4. 11.6″ 100E Lenovo Chromebook – B07Z1KJ2D8:

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If you want a daily tool to handle any computing task, then the 11.6-inch  100E Lenovo Chromebook will not fail you. In most cases, teachers and students can find total solace using this rugged laptop. It is a simple Chromebook to use and comes with lightweight features. The product is durable, portable, lasts for a long time, and helps to boost a classroom experience. The 100E Lenovo Chromebook boasts of long battery life than most products in the industry.

5. Renewed 11.6” Third Edition Samsung Chromebook – B0759YSF4W:

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After charging the third edition Samsung Chromebook, it will last you for a space of eleven hours of usage. The availability of the image enhancer feature makes the product a unique one in the marketplace. The 11.6-inch third series Samsung Chromebook also offers an excellent anti-reflective feature to make your images accurate. Another unique feature of the product is its secure and simple Google Chrome operating system that makes browsing easy. Storage and processing of tasks will not be a problem for the product.

6. 11.6″ R 11 Acer Chromebook – B0791YBJGZ:

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The R11 11.6-inch Acer Chromebook is one of the best products to purchase in the market. Displaying three hundred and sixty-degree hinge remains a unique feature of this product. People looking for a stylish Chromebook to handle their computing tasks can turn to the R11. There is the accessibility to android applications for using the R11 ii.6-inch Acer Chromebook. The device has inbuilt virus protection and operates with the Chrome operating system. The product will also help you to enjoy faster connections.

7. 12.3″ x2 HP Chromebook – B07D6FN5RJ:

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The high-quality solutions that you get from the 12.3-inch X2 HP Chromebook are beyond anticipation. Typing on this product is not hard and will help you enjoy your computing job properly. The excellent keyboard along with the sharp or bright display will keep your job going for a long time. The responsive and accurate result you get from the sharpness of the product’s touchscreen is excellent. While the laptop can perform the work of a tablet and notebook, you will always be attracted by the leather keyboard that comes with it.

8. 11.6″ 3189 Series Dell Chromebook – B07NFD1HDJ:

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In schools today, people will discover that Chromebooks are becoming more popular. It is for this reason that Dell has become part of the trending companies creating and designing reliable Chromebooks in the industry. One of the most effective Chromebooks to find among students and teachers is the 11.6 Newest 3189 series Dell product. The simplicity of the product is why many students and teens like the product. The product is reliable and works efficiently on Chrome OS. As a tablet, the 3189 Dell Chromebook can also bend backward without any problem.

It implies that communicating with other people is something unique about the product. While you may not get the best performance for using the 3189 Dell Chromebook, it will ensure to make your computing task successful. The audio quality of the product is excellent and comes with strong average battery life. There is the availability of a powerful touchscreen to help you view images accurately when using the product. If you want an affordable Chromebook that can boost your classroom experience, then it is time to try the 11.6-inch 3189 Dell.

9. Black M3 Google Pixelbook Chromebook – B07YMGQYP6:

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If there is a Chromebook to explore and purchase in 2020, then it must be the black M3 Google Pixelbook. People often like to buy a product or device based on the price and availability, but the M3 Google Pixelbook comes with a plethora of excellent features. Operating android applications comfortably are one of the biggest assets of the product. While it operates comfortably on the Chrome operating system, you will not experience any lagging in the performance of the product. In terms of performance, you can always count on Google Pixelbook.

It means that performing your daily tasks on this piece of the device will not pose any problem. The seventh-generation Intel Core processor is another feature of the M3 Google Pixelbook that makes it unique among other products. There is a guarantee that people can get from the battery of the M3 Google Pixelbook. Whether it is typing or any other computing tasks, the product’s battery can last for a long time. There is the availability of the most popular virus protection feature with the M3 Google Pixelbook. Getting updates will not cause any problem when using the product.

10. 14 Inches C434 Flip Asus Chromebook – B07Q2RB6BY:

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When comparing the past products from this maker, it is wise to say that the C434 Flip ASUS Chromebook remains the right option. Right from its design to the performance of the product, you can always count on the C434 Flip ASUS Chromebook. If there is a Chromebook that displays a premium appearance that most products in the market, then it must be the C434 Flip ASUS Chromebook. It is easy and simple to use this product for all your computing tasks. The battery life is long and will help you enjoy your work smoothly. For an average of ten hours, you can make use of the product without experiencing any interference.

The durable and reliable three hundred and sixty degrees hinge feature makes the product outstanding as well. With this feature, it is easy and simple to flip the product to perform the job of a tablet. The laptop also comes with an all-aluminum metal design that gives it a captivating look at first glance. It is crucial to know that the C434 Flip ASUS Chromebook can function as both a tablet and a notebook. The efficiency you get for using the product is another thing that drives people to purchase the C434 Flip ASUS Chromebook. If all you want is to get the job done in a faster approach, then you can buy this product today and give it a try.

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