Top 10 Best Gaming Routers

A wireless router is a common device with anyone that makes use of a broadband internet connection. In most cases, people that use this type of internet connection like to combine it with the service. The truth is that the old idea has to give way to a more recent technology sweeping across the globe. If your router is not functioning properly, it implies that you are still using the old type. When planning to buy the best gaming routers in the market, it is expedient to consider several factors in the likes of bands and speed. In the market of today, it is possible to see routers using two or one radio band to make simple communication. With single-band routers, you will not spend tons of dollars to purchase one.

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However, it is possible to have challenges of competing with microwaves, mobile phones, and Bluetooth devices. For people looking to play games online, a single-band router will not work perfectly but can suit internet surfing and social media activities. A dual-band router remains the best for people looking to use services such as Netflix, Hulu, Xbox Live, PlayStation, or Steam. With a dual-band router, you have the opportunity of connecting to two network sources such as 5GHz and 2.4GHz. The 5GHz often display less interference due to lower traffic. The scope of this content will allow you to select the best gaming routers that money can buy in the market today.

Hints To Choose A Gaming Router:

Speed is something that most people playing games online understand better. Gaming fans will always show their skills and dexterity by going for a product that has fast and good processors. High-end graphics, speedy drives, and plenty of memory are some other factors that gaming enthusiasts consider before buying a router. The truth is that a congested and crowded network will always overcome the fastest and speedy gaming system. On this note, it is crucial to consider certain factors before purchasing the best gaming routers in the market.

MU-MIMO – With this feature in a gaming system, it is possible to spread a network connection to a plethora of devices without any interruption. One thing that MU-MIMO does is to ensure that all surrounding devices get a quality connection even at a high speed. Using this feature entails that the household should be large or extended.

The Connectivity Of Wi-Fi – Some devices often get targeted Wi-Fi connectivity from routers. It will help users enjoy a fast and reliable internet connection at a rapid speed. People will be able to spend more time online when Wi-Fi connectivity is strong and reliable. It can help prevent any lagging that comes from a poor connection router.

The Speed Of The Internet – The gaming experience of anyone will be great as far as the internet speed remains excellent. When talking about internet speeds, it has to deal with a gamut of antennas in several devices.

USB Port – Storage is the main purpose of creating a USB port. It means saving plenty of data is possible by attaching a USB cable to your gaming system. It is a priceless feature that all gamers often cherish when searching for a reliable gaming router.

RAM And Processing Speed – The performance of your router is equal to the high processing power of your system. People playing multiplayer games can confirm this fact.

Range – Range is crucial if you are using a router in the office or home. The best gaming routers have the capability of spreading network to all areas of your home or office.

1. XR500  Nighthawk NETGEAR Wi-Fi Router – B078GWJ44Z:

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The product is designed to make use of premium software to provide users with strong and reliable internet connections. With the quality software of the XR500  Nighthawk NETGEAR Wi-Fi Router, gamers will be in a high spirit when playing online games. The software also helps to lower lag increases and stabilize ping with either wireless or wired connectivity. Players have the opportunity of regulating maximum downloads and upload speeds for every connected device. The device also comes with a stealth bomber that helps to get rid of any connectivity problem. The XR500  Nighthawk NETGEAR Wi-Fi Router has the capability of providing 2.6 GB of transmission in every second.


Four external antennas,

Dual-core 1.7 GHz processor,

2.6 Gbps speed,

Four Ethernet ports,

Low ping optimization.


Express lane speed that boosts gaming experience,

Increase performance and lower ping,

The gaming experience remains fast and enjoyable.



2. AC1750 Smart R6700 NETGEAR Nighthawk Wi-Fi Router – B00R2AZLD2:

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The AC1750 Smart R6700 NETGEAR Nighthawk Wi-Fi Router is indeed one of the best products that you can depend on, time and again. As a wireless router, the product can stabilize and maintain the quality of your internet connection. For several hours, players will enjoy their games without thinking of any interference or lag. The speed that comes out from this product is four times better than a regular router. The features that come with the product will make you feel it should have to be in the market for a long time.


Parental control for circle apps,

Beamforming for a dual-band,

Close to one Gbps,

Four times one-gigabyte wired Ethernet ports.


Availability of advanced technology,


High protection feature for a cyber threat.



3. AX11000 Rapture Asus ROG Router – B07MRD1LDZ:

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The purpose of creating the AX11000 Rapture Asus ROG Router is to ensure that you have a quality gaming experience. Players will get high-speed internet connection when using this router due to its incredible features. With this device, you will not experience any lag or interruption when playing your dream online game. The game traffic increases with the help of the triple-level acceleration process. The versatility of the router is beyond anticipation and making events such as file transfer, surfing, and streaming possible. It delivers 5 GHz connection transmission that makes gaming the best.


Availability of inbuilt support,


Wi-Fi production for your house,

Acceleration for triple level games.


Connects to a plethora of devices,

The bandwidth production and delivery is consistent,

Malware protection is available.



4. AX6000  RAX80 NETGEAR Nighthawk Router – B01MQDZXA4:

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If you are looking for a premium quality internet connection to play online games, then the AX6000  RAX80 NETGEAR Nighthawk Router is one of the best products in the market. Irrespective of your surrounding devices, the router can deliver a quality internet connection to each item connected. For an excellent and reliable internet experience, the device can provide two Gbps wired connections. As an 802.11ax router, it can ensure that your internet connection both at home and in the office remains stable. The speed emanating from the router is two times what you can get for a regular product.


3.0 USB ports,

1.8 GHz quad-core processor,

Four premium amplifiers,

Quality parental regulators.


Prevents lagging when playing online games,

Multiple USB ports to allow plenty of storage,

Connectivity is smart and reliable.



5. AC3200 WRT Linksys Gaming Router – B078216T6C:

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The beamforming technology that comes with the design of the product makes it unique and different from other routers. Even playing online games in an intense environment, the connection that the AC3200 WRT Linksys Gaming Router offers is excellent. Another feature that makes this product special in the inclusion of a personalized inbuilt interface. With this feature, you will be able to control all your gaming activities without stress. If you are always afraid of lagging and interruptions when playing games, then you can be sure that the AC3200 WRT Linksys Gaming Router will help establish stability.


Close to 3,2 Gbps of Wi-Fi speeds,


Optimized for Xbox,

Premium Ethernet connectivity.


The boot time is fast,

Increases Xbox gaming speed and resolve other connectivity problems,

The interface for the admin is modern.


In-box low-quality cable for network,

It does not operate like a tri-band.

6. Tri-Band AC5400 Linksys Wireless Gaming Router – B017NT8Q24:

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The Tri-Band AC5400 Linksys Wireless Gaming Router remains an excellent option for people that like to use the internet connection at home. The product is known for delivering consistent, reliable, and functional internet connection. When talking about a fast and excellent internet connection for any activity, the Tri-Band AC5400 Linksys Wireless Gaming Router may be the best. Whether you have ten or more devices at home, the device has the capability of getting all them connected. Even when connecting all your home devices, the router does not compromise on the speed and performance of your network.


Ethernet ports of 8 GB,


Availability of parental regulators,

A processor of 1.4 GHz dual-core.


The setup is efficient and easy,

The connectivity range is good,

There are no issues with the device speed.


There are issues with the device hardware,

Lacking on the interface,

An account on Linksys is required.

7. DIR-879 AC1900 EXO D-Link WiFi Gaming Router – B00PVDO8YK:

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People often see the product differently due to their alien spaceship appearance. The DIR-879 AC1900 EXO D-Link WiFi Gaming Router is energetic, smart, durable, and highly functional. It uses an Ethernet cable or wireless option to connect all devices in your office or home. With this device, you can forget about lagging when playing online games. It is because the DIR-879 AC1900 EXO D-Link WiFi Gaming Router offers exceptional and quality network connection that lasts for a long time. Dual-band technology, smart connect, and powerful amplifiers make the product envy in the entire marketplace. If your quest is for a strong and reliable gaming router, the DIR-879 AC1900 EXO D-Link remains the right choice in a time of need.


With complete coverage, the router removes dead sports in your home,

With the availability of 5GHz technology, people can stream and play online games,

Availability of the SmartConnect band feature,

Higher coverage due to strong amplifiers.


It serves as a Wi-Fi extender,

Modern and sleek design,

Not expensive.


Absence of USB support,

Absence of configuration menus.

8. AC2600 G10 AsRock Gaming Router – B0162LPDWA:

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When contemplating a premium gaming router with an excellent feature, AsRock may stand the best option. Even if the cost of purchasing the product is high, you will surely enjoy all its features. It does not deliver ordinary internet connection like most products in the market. The AC2600 G10 AsRock Gaming Router is the sure option for fast and high-performance internet connection. It operates with powerful and reliable eight antennas that guarantee a steady and stable internet connection. The product also comes with the beamforming technology that allows space for network stability. With the AC2600 G10 AsRock Gaming Router, there is no lagging or interruption when playing your online game.


Availability of infrared receiver and transmitter,

Provision of accurate bandwidth,

Using beamforming technology, it remains the globe’s best 4T4R gaming router,

Presence of eight powerful antennas.


It will help you get rid of the need to use an extender,

Strong and powerful signals even at a long distance,

Incredible performance experience.


Setting up the device may be difficult,

Signals may disappear after one month.

9. MU-MIMO AC2600 Zyxel Armor Z2 Wireless Router – B01I4223HS:

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The value of the MU-MIMO AC2600 Zyxel Armor Z2 Wireless Router is what the maker always concentrates on, time and again. For this reason, buyers will enjoy everything they want from this gaming router. It comes with stream boosting and beamforming technology. It is one of the rare gaming routers in the market that guarantees excellent performance. Setting up the MU-MIMO AC2600 Zyxel Armor Z2 Wireless Router will not pose any challenge or problem. The compact design of the product will not make you waste your space or environment.


Availability of a user-friendly monitoring system,

Powerful stream boost system,

Presence of MU-MIMO technology,

Eight beamforming antennas.


Presence of point modes for configuration,

It has a stylish and elegant design,

Easy to setup.


Vague or lackluster instructions,

Poor software.

10. AC3100 Dual-Band ASUS WiFi Gaming Router – B016EWKQAQ:

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If you think this is another regular product, then rethink because the AC3100 Dual-Band ASUS WiFi Gaming Router remains a one-of-a-kind device. It operates with SmartConnect that helps to get all your surrounding devices connected with problems. The connectivity of this product is reliable, safe, and trustworthy. When talking about long-range, the AC3100 Dual-Band ASUS WiFi Gaming Router is one of the best products to buy. It can serve even other people living around your domicile.


Signals can get up to five thousand square feet,

Availability fo eight GB LAN ports for expanding connectivity,

Presence of the smart connect feature,

Presence of four receiving and transmitting antennas.


The interface is user-friendly,

Availability of the AI technology,

Fast and powerful Wi-Fi signals.


Hardware may develop issues,

Poor setup.

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