Wearever underwear reviews

People who have moderate to heavy urine loss thanks to enuresis , or who have lost control of their bladders altogether, have access to a good range of incontinence underwear products they will believe to assist maintain their dignity and protect their clothing and furniture.

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Unfortunately, incontinence underwear comes with a particular stigma attached thereto. People don’t need others to understand that they suffer from a loss of bladder control. in order that they attempt to hide their problem by buying women’s sanitary napkins or jury-rigging their own homemade sorts of protection out of loo tissue or paper towels.

If you’ll get past that stigma, however, you will find that new sorts of incontinence underwear work better than ever to capture urine and keep it from staining your clothes or causing you personal embarrassment. They vary in size and shape to suit all body types, and are also specially designed reduce the likelihood of skin rashes or irritation and for daytime or nighttime use.

Incontinence underwear is meant to suit also as regular underwear. The absorbent pads inside them are large and thick to soak up heavy amounts of urine, and a water-proof backing and elastic leg gathers confirm that no urine leaks out. All are designed to carry a few cup of leaked urine. It’s made from a soft, cloth-like, cottony material and a soft, narrow comfort waistband which will be easily pulled on and off like regular underwear. It’s a cushty waist panel that provides a discreet fit and has soft leg gathers that ensure a cushty fit and dryness. They also utilize triple-tier moisture locking system that delivers superior performance and leakage protection while promoting skin wellness and managing odor. Most significantly , these are super absorbent, dry quickly, and lock in wetness and odor. The cloth-like outer material is rustle-free underneath clothing, and therefore the absorbency protection is meant specifically for ladies.

You can buy absorbent products and incontinence underwear from variety of sources. Grocery stores and drugstores carry them, also as chain department shops . . They are also available through variety of Web-based merchants, often at a big discount – and without the possible embarrassment of shopping for them face to face.

Urinary incontinence may be a quite common and sometimes embarrassing problem. Currently, there are over 25 million people in North America that have enuresis . Thankfully, Wearever recognizes this issue and creates its products to assist refund freedom to people that suffer from incontinence.

Wearever Incontinence Underwear comes in three levels of absorbency. The sunshine absorbency holds up to 4 ounces; Moderate absorbency holds from 4 ounces to 10 ounces; and therefore the Heavy absorbency holds up to 12 ounces of liquid. They need styles for both men and ladies. I even have to mention that the panties they sent me are very nice. The cotton panties are very soft, and therefore the blue floral and lacey ones are very pretty! From their website:

Choose Women’s Incontinence Panties by Wearever for max protection and reusability. Our selection of absorbent female incontinence panties feature sewn-in Unique-Dri pads that trap liquid and are treated with odor eliminating Agion antimicrobial fibers. Eversures offers cotton, lace, and nylon microfiber styles to satisfy every preference. More economical than disposables Wearever incontinence underwear is suggested good for 200-250 washes.

The successful evolution of the corporate from those youth to its position of leadership today is predicated on a drive to develop the simplest incontinence products on the market. So as to try to so, they need to meet the subsequent criteria:

•Consistent quality and performance – “it has got to work”

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•Fashionable, stylish designs – “it has got to be comparable regular, contemporary underwear”

•Attractive pricing – “it has got to be cheaper over its lifetime than its alternatives”

This philosophy has carried Prime Life Fiber’s Wearever line supported the Hydrex system, and has now produced, after a few years of trials, tweaking, and testing, the company’s latest innovation, the Unique-Dri system and therefore the Wearever line of seamless panties.

Wearever Women’s Lovely Lace Trim Incontinence Panties from Wearever are the fashionable alternative to regular cotton panties, without sacrificing comfort or reliability. Good for 200-250 washes and backed by the Wearever brand, reusable incontinence underwear from Wearever are both a cheap and reliable alternative to disposable incontinence products.

Material and elegance

•* Soft, silky nylon trimmed with stretch lace

•* Agion antimicrobial fibers eliminate the bacteria that cause odor

•* Waterproof outer layer prevents leakage, for double protection

•* Elegant sexy styling with generous rear coverage


•* Sewn-in, super absorbent Unique-Dri pad traps liquid for built-in protection all day

•* No inserts or disposable pads required

•* For light to moderate incontinence


•* Easy-care machine wash and dry

•* More economical than disposables good for 200-250 washes

check them out at , www.WeareverUS.com


Comfortable, quality, affordable and classy men’s and women’s underwear for people living with incontinence – www.WeareverUS.com


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Wearever offers groundbreaking undergarments for people with enuresis , providing the primary and only reusable, washable alternative to adult diapers. The men’s briefs and women’s panties are especially beneficial for active seniors and other individuals who want to continue their normal lifestyle without worry or emotional stress from incontinence. And, Wearever products are more environmentally friendly and fewer expensive than all other alternatives.

Wearever also offers incontinence bed pads also as Buster Brown socks, which are specifically designed for max comfort essential for the elderly and anyone with poor circulation, easily irritated skin or diabetes. Wearever’s panties and briefs are designed to seem and desire fashionable and really comfortable underwear, but with the built-in advantage of absorbing leaks.

I tested Wearever’s Women’s Nylon and Lace Brief with regular absorbency. This item comes in three colors, black, ivory, and white; I chose black. I used to be truly impressed with the standard of the merchandise. The lace detail was gorgeous – something you would possibly even see during a Victoria Secret Catalog. These panties were both pretty and sexy. I had no idea you’ll look sexy while battling incontinence, but Wearever makes that possible.

The panties featured Wearever’s sewn-in Unique-Dri pads that trap liquid and are treated with odor eliminating Agion antimicrobial fibers. The sewn-in pad is comfortable and not really noticeable. i attempted these panties under a pair of jeans and that i didn’t notice any bunching or extra tightness.

Wearever offers women’s incontinence panties in cotton, lace, and nylon microfiber styles to satisfy every preference. With such a spread of designs it’ll be easy to seek out one that you simply like. Their website features a sizing chart so you’re ready to easily identify your perfect fit. I found that their sizes tend to be faithful size as I ordered the traditional size I buy panties in and it fit perfectly. Wearever also offers a spread of absorbency protection sizes like regular, super, and maximum absorbency.

One of the simplest features of Wearever’s Incontinence Panties is that they’re more economical than disposables as they’re good for 200-250 washes.

Wearever may be a brand you’ll trust as they create their products with their customers in mind. consistent with their website they state “We understand that handling incontinence are often difficult sometimes , which is why Wearever makes every effort to make sure that our products remain affordable, comfortable, and healthy for your use.”

I would definitely recommend this product and Wearever as a brand for anyone that suffers from incontinence.  Stop hiding from incontinence embarrassment and tackle it head on with Wearever’s line of men’s and women’s underwear, mattress pads, and socks.

The Wearever Men’s Incontinence Brief Grey. Feel confident again with this very discreet and concealed incontinence underwear. These new incontinence pants stay hidden so you’ll move on your day to day life without knowing you’re wearing incontinence pants. They feel great and are far more comfortable compared to disposable diapers.

Wearever Men’s Classic Incontinence Briefs offer top of the road protection, comfort, style and reusability for people with light to moderate incontinence. Each pair is sweet for 200-250 washes supplying you with a viable alternative to disposables. Our Classic Incontinence Briefs are backed by the Wearever brand and include our sewn in, super absorbent Unique-Dri™ pad, which traps liquid, providing you all day, built-in protection.

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Wearever Men’s Classic Incontinence Briefs are soft, comfortable cotton/poly jersey with our Aigon™ antimicrobial fibers to eliminate any bacteria that causes odor. Almost like our other styles, this specific incontinence brief features a waterproof outer layer that forestalls leakage and adds double protection. Our men’s incontinence briefs also accompany a fly-front jockey style to supply you with an equivalent comfort as normal underwear.


  • Cotton Polyester blend jockey style reusable incontinence brief features an elastic waistband.
  • Waterproof outer layer prevents leakage, for double protection.
  • No Inserts or disposable pads required
  • Save money! Washable garments save $473 compared to disposables over one year.
  • Save the planet! Wash and wear these garments up to 200x and stop landfill waste.


Can I use Wearever at night?

While we do have many purchasers that use our products in the dark, it really depends on your level of incontinence and the way you sleep. Since none of our underwear is padded all the high the rear, someone who sleeps on their side could experience a leak over the sides of the pad. For added protection, we also offer Wearever Pads to stay all of your furnishings dry.

How long will Wearever underwear last?

Wearever underwear will last even as long as any non-absorbent panty! counting on how you wash them, they might last up to 250 washes!

How much coverage does the pad provide?

The coverage differs counting on the design of the garment. The dimensions of the built-in pad incrementally increases with the quantity of liquid the pad can wick away. The regular absorbency pads are roughly the dimensions of a disposable pad. The super pads are larger, going almost halfway up the front and back panels. The maximums are the most important , going halfway up the front and back panels. For the men’s garments: The pad extends up past the fly the front side of all styles to make sure proper coverage. the rear coverage of the classic is minimal. the rear coverage of the super and maximum extends about halfway up the rear side of the garment.

How does the built-in panty liner work?

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The patented 3-layer Hydrex TM system provides total protection by containing the urine and preventing it from penetrating through the garment. As a part of the Hydrex system TM, the Unique-Dri TM system traps liquid

The liner wicks and absorbs moisture faraway from the body and locks it in. For your comfort, the pad features a cotton top layer. To stop leakage, rock bottom of the pad is lined with waterproof polyurethane.

Is Wearever  underwear bulky and visual through my clothing?

Absolutely not! because it is regular underwear with a pad sewn in, it’s and seems like regular underwear. For those using the super and maximum styles, it’ll feel almost like wearing a disposable pad, but they’re not so bulky on show through clothing.

How does the Wearever pad absorb odor?

Silver-ion Anti-microbial fibers are woven into the liner and reduce odor causing bacteria.

Does the men’s underwear have functioning flies?

Yes, all of our men’s styles have a functioning fly. Since the pad extends above the fly, it’s necessary to push the pad aside when using the fly.

How does one wash the underwear?

Machine wash warm. Dry Medium. Don’t use chlorine bleach or fabric softener, because it will reduce the effectiveness of the pad’s absorbency, also because the anti-microbial and odor inhibiting elements.

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